10 Ways to Save the Planet With Your Garden

Earth Day is this week. This time of year we hear a good game about all things you can do, big and small, to make an impact and reduce your footprint on our planet. I love all the tips, every little bit helps. I especially liked the infographic I am sharing with you below because it highlights ways you can help the earth by doing something you love. Well, something I love anyways. I love to garden and like to spend as much time as possible in my garden…planting, harvesting, cultivating, and enjoying. I love shoveling manure for the compost, I love picking ripe tomatoes, I love watching the bees flock to my flowers. I love all of it so it gives me the warm fuzzies to see just how good for the planet my “hobby” is.

While I love the concept of the graphic below I do not agree with every single item in it…ie petroleum jelly and irish spring are no-no’s for me. We eat from the garden so every single thing I put in it has to be carefully considered. This gives some good get started tips though. Collecting rainwater is so easy and so much better than turning on the hose. Beneficial bugs are important to a healthy garden. Many items in the recycling bin can be reused in the garden and composting is easy and rewarding. Gardening can be more than a hobby and more than a way to feed your family. It is a way to give back a little of what we take from Mother Earth. Enjoy!

Infographic courtesy of RubberMulch.com, a maker of 100% recycled mulch.

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