2 Billion Streams Achieved and Top 20 Album Released – How David McKee of Another Angle Consulting is Revolutionizing Music with Psychology

David McKee, owner of Another Angle Consulting, is a highly respected consultant helping musicians across the nation fulfill their dreams. With a passion for fusing psychology with music and songwriting to help artists find full authenticity while creating music they’re proud of. David has achieved over 2 billion streams from songs he worked on in 2022. As a testament to his success, David was also able to help artists achieve a top 20 streamed album in 2022.

It is clear that David’s approach to producing and consulting on music is making waves in the industry. By allowing artists to access their inner self and create music that is deeply connected with who they are, David has helped many people explore their mental health through the power of musical expression. With this in mind, he was inspired to launch Another Angle Consulting publicly, as a way of raising awareness of mental health and helping others to take control of their own self-expression.

But it’s not just about achievement for David – he values the relationships he forms with his clients even more highly than any other aspect of his job. He considers many of them friends, which says something about his mentorship style as well as his ability to connect with those around him. Through its success as well as its focus on forming meaningful connections, Another Angle Consulting is quickly becoming one of the leading consultancies in the industry.

David lives by the motto, “Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind“.

His passion for blending psychology with music and songwriting is an inspiration for many artists across the globe who are looking for ways to express themselves through art and make meaningful connections along the way.

You can learn more about Another Angle Consulting by emailing or direct messaging David McKee at [email protected] or by messaging him on Instagram™ @davidmckee84

And you can check Another Angle Consulting’s IG at https://www.instagram.com/anotherangleconsulting/

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