25+ Ways To Put Your Tax Refund Money To Work

Getting a refund this year? Why not make some smart decisions with it that actually make you money in the long run through cost savings or by increasing the value or your home? A new 65 inch TV may sound like an amazing investment but there are so many smarter choices you could make.

You could make one or two purchases now that will result in more money in your pocket later. Home repairs and updates are easier to stomach when you have a little extra cash on hand. Here are some ways you can put your tax refund to work…

  • Buy a tankless water heater
  • Replace old, drafty windows
  • Update all light bulbs to LEDs
  • Build raised garden beds
  • Buy a smart thermostat
  • Invest in a security system and save on homeowners insurance
  • Erect a greenhouse
  • Plant trees and perrenials
  • Reseal your driveway
  • Have your septic system cleaned
  • Have your chimney swept by a professional
  • Buy a high efficiency toilet or two
  • Buy a new garage door/opener
  • Invest in a new front door
  • Update light fixtures
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Have carpets steam cleaned
  • Add a tile backsplash in your kitchen
  • Have trees trimmed
  • Install  or repair fences
  • Invest in rooftop or yard solar panels
  • Build a deck or patio
  • Update rooms with a coat of paint
  • Insulate your attic space
  • Update appliances to more efficient versions
  • Update your electric panel
  • Replace kitchen counter
  • Paint existing kitchen cabinets

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