3 New Ways to Go Green in 2021

The need to create a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren is one of the most important reasons why we like implementing green practices in our daily lives. We know that every bit counts and that if millions of people make a small difference, it adds up to a big difference. But we’re already recycling, upcycling, reducing, and reusing – are there more ways to reduce our impact and help make the world a better place for future generations? Check out these green trends for new ideas that work.

1. Plan a Green Funeral

Our ultimate passing is inevitable, but the negative environmental impact of our funerals needn’t be as great as it was in the past. For decades, people have been aware of the tradeoff between burial and cremation. Burial takes up valuable land, contributing to urban sprawl, and cremation produces carbon emissions. It seems like a choice between two evils. But nowadays, there are more options available – and they’re greener than the ones most of us are familiar with. There are no fewer than 5 staggering benefits of water cremation, for example. Other green burial practices can include stipulating that the body should not be embalmed, or choosing biodegradable coffins and burial in conservation parks. Find out which options are available in your area. 

2. Go for Renewable Energy

Do you know how much of the energy you use comes from renewable sources? The answer will depend on where you live. On average, only 17 percent of energy in the USA comes from clean sources, and although industries are the biggest consumers, households can help to make a difference. Sure, it isn’t new – but technological advances have made using your own renewable energy cheaper and more accessible to ordinary people. There’s also the lure of financial savings – a good renewable energy system will pay for itself, even if you choose a grid-tied system that feeds clean energy onto the grid and credits your utility bill.

3. When Nature Calls

Have you ever considered how many rolls of toilet paper your household goes through in a year? It’s a lot! Investigate your options. Unbleached, undyed toilet paper is already an improvement on the usual stuff. While some people looking for a greener bathroom go as far as proposing a real back to nature approach and using leaves instead of paper, you may balk at going quite that far. 

In that case, consider getting bamboo TP. Bamboo grows faster than trees can, and toilet paper made from bamboo is thought to be a greener alternative. Of course, there’s the option of using toilet paper made from recycled paper, and that’s not a bad idea either. 

By the way, if you happen to be thinking that toilet paper is something that shouldn’t be recycled, not everyone agrees – although in this instance, washable wipes are enjoying a rise in popularity. Toilet paper alternatives include choosing to use bidet instead – and that may even use less water than what’s used in manufacturing toilet paper! Think it over and decide just how far you and your family would go to go greener when you go. 

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