4 Tips For Running A Small Business In 2021

Running a small business can be difficult at any time. However, this has been trickier than ever due to the current conditions around the world. Customers are starting to realise that there is a whole world of smaller businesses out there that they could be supporting instead of the larger, less personal franchises. So, what’s to stop your business from capitalising on some of that business and interest?

With things starting to get back to normal in 2021, here are a few tips to help you run your small business better.


Prioritise customer service

Capturing customers is going to be extremely competitive in 2021 as businesses try to get back on their feet following the challenges of the last year. So, you need to give your business the edge, and one way to do that is to provide a high level of customer service that some larger businesses simply can’t do.

Personalisation is going to play a key role in customer service going forward, as customers need to feel heard and appreciated. Multi-channel service is also going to be a big thing going forward, so make sure you’re addressing customer service enquires from all channels. Be efficient, and customers don’t appreciate waiting weeks for replies.


Understand how government support affects you

As the world begins to return to normal in 2021, there are likely going to be some support options from the government that might affect you. For example, are you aware of how the 2021 budget affects small businesses? This is important as there are several things to be aware o this year from the budget.

Furlough is being extended, meaning if you have employees on furlough, or you need to furlough anyone, you will be able to up until September this year. A £5 billion Restart Grant project will be kicking off to help businesses get back on their feet in 2021, and the reduced rate o VAT is being extended to September. Planned changes to the IR35 are going to be going ahead, too.


Show your flexibility

Showing your business is flexible is important to retaining and attracting new customers this year. Being flexible applies in various ways. There is being flexible with your customers, which means showing your ability to adapt to changing markets and demands quickly and being willing to take feedback on board and address issues.

Then there is being flexible with your staff, which is also important to running your small business in 2021 so you can make the process of getting back to normal as soon as possible. This could be as simple as accommodating flexible schedules or working from home going forward to promote training and reward incentives.


Use social media wisely

Over the past year or so, social media has become pivotal to the success of a small business. Make sure this year, you are using your business’ social media to its full potential.

You can utilise social media tools, such as Instagram Ads or Facebook Ads, to target key consumer demographics and make sure you are reaching the biggest pool of people possible.


With the world finally starting to get back to some sort of normality in 2021, now is the time to fine-tune your business processes and make sure you are setting yourself up for success in 2021. 2020, though challenging for all businesses, saw a huge rise in the creation of, and support of, small businesses.

So, why not use that opportunity and do everything you can to ensure you are making a name for your business? Take these few tips on board and get your business ready for success this year.

Source: ArticleCube

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