6 Money Podcasts to Listen to This Year

I am a die hard podcast listener and have been for years. I typically have my headphones on, listening to podcasts (or audio books) for 8ish hours every weekday while I work and do other things. To me it is about learning and making my mind better at every opportunity. The topics range from health, to housekeeping, to gardening and homesteading, to the law of attraction. This particular blog post will focus on my favorite money podcasts.

Money is an important topic to most of us and there really is a lot to learn about budgeting, investing, saving, getting and staying debt free, and generally just making our money work for us. As of 2017 38.1% of Americans were in credit card debt. About 27-32% of Americans (depending on age) have no emergency savings whatsoever.  A single unplanned expense could send them into chaos. There is a real need for financial education in this country and podcasts are an excellent way to learn and stay focused on your money goals.

Here are my fave podcasts related to money and wealth building…

Six Money Podcasts to Listen to This Year

Dave Ramsey Show – This is the big daddy. If I had to recommend one show above all others or even one financial learning program above all others…Dave Ramsey is my answer. This is the gold standard. No other person has helped more people reach their money goals and build lasting wealth. His show is on the radio for three hours every weekday and you can download them via podcast. Three hours a day, five days a week, this man is in my ear. The debt free screams will give you all the feels.

Stacking Benjamins – What I love about this show is that it is FUN. It is often just two guys with financial planner backgrounds, chatting it up about money and money related news events. I am typically smiling throughout the show because they are quite funny. It is no wonder this show has won so many awards and honors…it’s good stuff. You will have a better understanding of everything money related just by listening and you will have fun while doing it.

Afford Anything – The premise here is that you can afford ANYTHING you want…but not EVERYTHING you want. It is all about prioritizing and directing your money to go towards the things you want the most. The host, Paula Pant, is a strong, smart, badass woman that I admire greatly. She has designed a life that allows her the freedom to travel and live life on her own terms and funds it with real estate investments. Oh and she accomplished all this at a very young age. Younger listeners and millenials will really relate to her.

Be Wealthy and Smart – Another great woman podcaster here. The host is a mature woman with some money savvy. She made 2 million by age 39 and in this show she shares her business, investing, and financial knowledge. She does not prescribe to frugal living at all so you will not find advice on cutting costs or whittling down your budget. This podcast is all about smart money choices that build wealth.

Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life – This podcast is less like a show and more of a collection of tips read to us each week by the Money Girl. Every week is a different topic…IRAs, tax tips, credit scores, HSAs, FSAs, car loans, etc. They last from 15-25 minutes and delve into each topic with advice and tips.

The Clark Howard Podcast – Clark Howard is a well known consumer expert. This shows delves into saving money, spending less on ordinary purchases, and avoiding scams and ripoffs.

What are YOU listening to?


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