A Look Under the Hood | The Tech-Stack Powering BilliDrop’s DeFi-Gaming Ecosystem

A Look Under the Hood | The Tech-Stack Powering BilliDrop’s DeFi-Gaming Ecosystem

BilliDrop raises the bar for DeFi gaming through our core product, The Drop, which is a lottery-style game that provides full transparency and visibility to its players using blockchain technology.

This is the most transparent game with the greatest odds of massive winnings anywhere!

The first whitelist sold out in 48 hours — don’t let your goat leave the pasture with someone else. Claim your whitelist spot here.

In this article, we detail the technical-stack which drives this game-changing train forward.

Stacking This Many Goats Takes Some Serious Tech AKA “The GoatStack” The Decentralized Tools We Utilize

BilliDrop’s team of blockchain architects has created a unique gaming architecture using industry best practices. In order to support bigger drops and provide greater benefits to NFT holders, BilliDrop utilizes a Tri-Token ecosystem. This is the currently adopted MVP Tech Stack. Our contracts route through technologies trusted by the largest and most stable and secure protocols available today.


  • These are industry standard and thoroughly audited contracts used for issuing the tokens and other areas of software and operations for a decentralized system. The contracts are upgradeable, meaning the transition to greater decentralization through DAO governance and voting systems is seamless.


  • A Gnosis safe with multiple signers is utilized for vault management and security. Non-custodial wallets are utilized as well to manage the escrow and The Drop contracts. Ultimately, the multisig will become more decentralized over time as BilliDrop implements DAO voting and community management systems.

Snapshot & Reality.eth

  • These two mechanisms match off-chain voting with efficient trustless on-chain execution of proposals and assists in a seamless transition to community management. Proposals are issued on Reality.eth and voted on using Snapshot. Upon a vote, Realty.eth executes the outcome through Gnosis-Safe. Fail-safes are available such as delayed execution to allow for community arbitration in the event of a dispute.

Chainlink VRF

  • The Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) is used to choose a winner of The Drop in a verifiably transparent, fair, and trustless manner. When The Drop contract reaches its targeted prize amount, a weighted value is sent to an on-chain oracle Chainlink VRF against a list of participants based on the quantity of entries. Once the data is sent and a participant is selected, the winner will win the total balance of the prize wallet!

Uniswap V2/V3 — AMM Liquidity Pools

  • Automated Market Marker (AMM) liquidity pools will be created on Uniswap V2/V3 allowing you to stake cryptocurrencies such as ETH against BilliDrop’s native $CHEESE tokens. These are decentralized contracts that provide rewards to stakers and provide immediate liquidity and accessibility for sustained community and platform growth.


  • Liquidity providers for the Uniswap contracts receive liquidity provider (LP) tokens which represent their share of the rewards they will earn from their position as a provider. These LP tokens, additionally, can be loaned to Aave and other aggregated yield systems to compound for additional yield.

BilliDrop Tokens

ERC-721 — $HERD:

  • $HERD is the gaming NFT for the BilliDrop ecosystem that offers holders a variety of special privileges. Owners of $HERD have the ability to produce $CHEESE (which can be used for entries into The Drop) and can leverage $GRASS by feeding it to your goat to increase its weight. Members of the $HERD receive multipliers for their entries into The Drop, based on their $HERD’s size. Members of the $HERD will also have access to consistently released members only features and gameplay as well as the use and rights to their 3D avatar, access to special Drops, and much more.

ERC-20 — $GRASS:

  • $GRASS tokens burn each time they are fed to your $HERD while increasing your $HERD’s weight in the Goat Farm. This assists NFT holders by producing more $CHEESE which can be used for entries into The Drop. Staked $CHEESE also produces $GRASS which you can feed to your $HERD for higher entry multipliers in The Drop.


  • $CHEESE is an in-game token that can be earned, won, transferred, or purchased. Owners of $HERD can stake their goat in the Goat Farm and it will produce $CHEESE. $CHEESE has the ability to create $GRASS through staking liquidity in pairs against $CHEESE. NFT holders can produce $CHEESE which can be exchanged for entries into The Drop! They can also increase their entry multiplier for The Drop by feeding the $GRASS produced by staking to their $HERD to increase their size.

Keep Up With The $HERD!

The Mint Day for The Herd is set for July 30th! You can read more about the minting process here.

Don’t let your goat leave the pasture with someone else. Claim your whitelist spot here.

To stay up to date with important announcements, find team support, or join the BilliDrop Community, please use our official links below:

Website: billidrop.com

Twitter: @DropBilli

Discord: BilliDrop

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