ADSS Cable Package and Construction Requirements

ADSS Cable Package Requirements

The distribution of optical cables is an important issue in the construction of optical cables. When the lines and conditions used are clarified, the distribution of the optical cable must be considered. The factors affecting the distribution are as follows:

(1) Since the ADSS optical cable can not be connected arbitrarily like the ordinary optical cable (because the core of the optical fiber cannot bear the force), it must be carried out on the tension tower of the line, and due to the poor conditions of the connection point in the field, the length of each reel of optical cable is Try to control it within 3~5Km. If the coil length is too long, the construction will be inconvenient; if it is too short, the number of connections will be large, and the attenuation of the channel will be large, which will affect the transmission quality of the optical cable.

(2) In addition to the length of the transmission line, which is the main basis for the length of the optical cable coil, the natural conditions between the towers should also be considered, such as whether the tractor is convenient to travel, and whether the tensioner can be placed.

(3) Due to the error of circuit design, the following empirical formula can be used for the distribution of optical cable

Cable reel length = transmission line length × coefficient + construction consideration length + length for welding + line error;

Usually, the “factor” includes the line sag, the length of overdraw on the tower, etc. The length considered in construction is the length used for traction during construction.

(4) The minimum distance from the ADSS optical cable hanging point to the ground is generally not less than 7m. When determining the distribution plate, it is necessary to simplify the distance difference in order to reduce the types of optical cables, which can reduce the number of spare parts (such as various hanging hardware, etc.) ), which is convenient for construction.

ADSS Cable Construction Requirements

(1) The construction of ADSS optical cable is usually carried out on the live line tower, and the construction must use insulated non-polar rope,Insulation safety belts, insulation tools, the wind force should not be greater than 5, and must maintain a safe distance from lines of different voltage levels, that is, 35KV is greater than 1.0m, 110KV is greater than 1.5m, and 220KV is greater than 3.0m.

(2) Since the fiber core is easily brittle, the tension and lateral pressure cannot be too large during construction.

(3) During construction, the optical cable cannot rub and collide with other objects such as the ground, houses, towers, and the edge of the cable drum.

(4) The bending of the optical cable is limited. The bending radius of the general operation is ≥D, D is the diameter of the optical cable, and the bending radius is ≥30D during construction.

(5) The optical cable will be damaged when twisted, and longitudinal twist is strictly prohibited.

(6) The fiber core of the optical cable is easy to break due to moisture and water, and the end of the cable must be sealed with waterproof tape during construction.

(7) The outer diameter of the optical cable is matched with the representative span. It is not allowed to arbitrarily adjust the disk during construction. At the same time, the hardware corresponds to the outer diameter of the optical cable, and it is strictly forbidden to use it indiscriminately.

(8) After the construction of each coil of optical cable is completed, there is usually enough excess cable reserved for hanging and splicing at the tower, and installing the optical fiber distribution frame in the substation.

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