Alex Covarrubias: “How Leveraging Credit Changed his Life”

Could you be this successful too? The Answer is Yes!

Early Life

Alex Covarrubias grew up like a typical teenager. He was surrounded by family and friends. He helped around the house and attended High School. However, what separated Covarrubias, from the rest was his innate desire for excellence and success.

He wanted more than what an average teenager did at that time. While everyone was busy going on dates and chasing girls, Covarrubias was learning salesmanship from his brother and father. In between classes,  at the age of 17, he would sell cars on Craigslist to help them. Eventually, this led to him selling his own vehicles for $1,500 a piece. Covarrubias notes on how this part time job played a significant role in cultivating his extreme discipline. Discipline after all is a learned behavior, he says.

For majority of his young adulthood, Covarrubias’ life was limited to school and work. He worked for his father and was eventually trusted to handle selling and changing tires at his fathers tire shop. He worked 6-7 days a week depending on his school schedule. This allowed him to earn fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) within a year. For Covarrubias, this was just the beginning.

This money allowed him to start his own small car dealership. He picked a small lot in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t make as much money as he had hoped. He was still earning the same money as he did working for his dad and flipping cars. That was not the plan, he wanted to be more than average after all. Looking back, Covarrubias thinks that back then he was running on pure determination alone. He was determined to succeed in life. But determination was not enough to keep his overhead low and to keep the IRS from collecting massive taxes. There was so much to learn.

Undeterred, he saved up eighty thousand dollars ($80,000) in three years while living with his parents. With this money he purchased a bigger dealership that could accommodate triple the capacity of the previous one and he also chose a better location this time around.

Covarrubias’ New View of Credit

Growing up, Covarrubias was taught to stay away from the bank. Using credit was taboo in their household. He learned that he was better off owing just about anyone else, anyone else but the bank. So, entering the world of entrepreneurship, Covarrubias had no idea about credit. He was scared since it’s been ingrained in him to never borrow money from the bank.

However, his fear paled in comparison to his dreams and visions for his company. He took a leap of faith when offered a line of credit to supplement his dealership, saying to himself: “I will make it work regardless of whatever happens.” In hindsight, Covarrubias explains that although he was quite ignorant with credit, his discipline and grit gave him confidence into taking that chance. He knew nothing about credit, but he knew a lot about himself and his work ethic. He chose to bank on him. Choosing to bet on himself paid off and that year he increased his monthly earnings from five thousand dollars ($5,000) to twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) a month.

Determination to Succeed

Then the Covid-19 Pandemic happened. This global pandemic brought the world to its knees and did not spare Covarrubias’ business. His dealership took a major hit and was bleeding money every month as it continued to operate within the new restrictions.Fortunately, Covarrubias had built excellent credit and leveraged his credit into other business opportunities.

Discontent with leaving his company to failure, Covarrubias decided to diversify his income. He needed to find other ways to make money and to do this he enrolled in as many online courses as possible. Courses ranging from Amazon FBA, Drop shipping, Day trading etc. He wasted so much money before he finally found Credit Repair. He purchased a few courses online and learned a lot of basic information. All the Credit Repair courses he enrolled in always lacked more in-depth knowledge. To him, it felt like seeing only the front end of the industry and never the back. Because of this, he decided to look for a mentor. He needed to start learning from someone who was already making the kind money he wanted, in the industry that he wanted to be in.

After finding the right mentor Covarrubias’ growth only accelerated. What would have taken him years to learn only took a couple of months.  Covarrubias then started sharing his knowledge on social media. He promoted his business “Better Life Credit” online, with the desire to help people get a better credit score. He wanted to do this because for him, having great credit saved him from financial ruin. He registered over ten people at first, earning him over ten thousand dollars ($10,000) in a month.

Fast forward to today, Covarrubias is earning about forty thousand dollars ($40,000) a month. One of his significant accomplishments to date has been purchasing his dream car, a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan Evo. Covarrubias was even able to start an exotic car rental company along with his car dealership and credit repair business, diversifying his income even further. No matter how many setbacks life threw at Covarrubias, he rose above them all. “Life may try to knock you down but be persistent with your passions – cultivate grit, resilience, tenacity and endurance success will come.”

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