Author Shiva Shankaran offers unique perspectives on consciousness, philosophy, and science in his book “A Science of Consciousness”

Shiva Shankaran’s new book takes a dive into the nature of pure consciousness and discusses that by improving consciousness, people can improve the world.

Author Shiva Shankaran’s “A Science of Consciousness,” a book described as a necessary step for attaining a more thorough understanding of consciousness, is now available in leading digital stores globally. 

Instead of talking merely about eastern ideologies and mindfulness, Shankaran takes a deep dive into discussions of the true nature of Transmission, Oneness, and Divine Consciousness, as well as the implications of what these understandings can mean for everyone. 

Vividly arranged in engaging chapters, Shankaran urges readers to look at where people are as a civilization and take into consideration what society has learned from the tremendous sacred scriptures over the past hundreds of years.

In the end, Shiva backs people in the final question everyone confronts as seekers: how to be in the world and how to contribute to a true civilization of love and honesty.

Scarlett Jensen, in a review on Amazon, described “A Science of Consciousness” as “a book not to be missed.”

“The subject of this book is this Reality: that the entire Creation, no matter how vast and how many universes it may entail, is still One great cohesive whole in which every single particle is somehow in communication with and influencing and being influenced by every other particle. Creation is a living, breathing entity with a life of its own and a Consciousness that is fully aware and conscious of Itself,” says Scarlett.

Meanwhile, Nicki, another reader, lauded the author for writing a beautiful long book on the philosophy and science of consciousness. 

“He provides many fresh perspectives such as ocean and river, indicating the Almighty God and Human consciousness, to show how we are interconnected and even if we try to create a new identity, ultimately our consciousness merges with the eternal being. While I found the book persuasive and influential, I believe that the author is limiting himself to a particular category of readers- those connected to and interested in philosophy, who can devote so much time to reading the whole book,” explains Nicki.

Primer, on the other hand, said the writings of Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran are “deep, to say the least,” and he prides himself on being a “deep thinker.”

“Somehow in the mix of things, there is attention turned to God as consciousness, that we are all part of this grand consciousness. That sacred writings of the past have all been born out of this all-inclusive consciousness,” says Primer.

Shiva C.A.D. Shankaran has been a devoted practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation for about 50 years. Shankaran finished his Master of Arts degree in Religious Education/Pastoral Counseling at Fordham University in 1984. 

Shankaran has worked in mental health in clinical environments and in spiritual counseling as a private practice for many years.

You can find more information about the author and his published works on his website,

Those who want to grab a copy of A Science of Consciousness by author Shiva Shankaran may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository. 

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