BeastLike NFT, the Futuristic NFT Project with Real-world Utility

NFTs have been a rage in recent years, with a trading volume of $25 Billion in 2021, and it is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years. People who invested early in NFTs are now reaping high rewards, but it’s still not too late. The much anticipated BeastLike NFT collection has finally been released and is now up for grabs!

The BeastLike NFT collection consists of 30,000 unique NFTs, all of which are creative and catchy. So, the appeal of the collection will also be a major factor that drives the demand, and subsequently the value. We have seen the cost for several collections shoot through the roof in a short while, and BeastLike NFTs seem to be heading the same way.

The project has been vetted by renowned personalities and firms in the NFT industry, so you can be sure of its credibility and the potential to deliver high returns. Besides, one of the USPs here is that 10% of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be donated to several animal charities, including The Center for Great Apes, The Wolf Conservation Centre, See Turtles, The Perfect World, and Project Chimps. So, when one purchases a BeastLike NFT, they are in a way contributing to the welfare of animals.

Once the project is sold out, the team will identify the energy spent during the process and plant as many trees to revert, or at least reduce, any damage caused to the environment. BeastLike NFTs is one of the few projects working towards carbon neutrality, another reason to invest. Also, the NFTs have real-world utility, wherein you can download 3D models, try the DND games, or check the character sheet, amongst others.

BeastLike NFTs also plan to launch their own TV show, which will be a DAO model, where all the NFT holders have ownership rights and can vote on critical changes. This is just the start, and several new features, collections, and related projects will be released in the coming days to create an elaborate ecosystem. 

Investors can also use the BeastLike NFTs in the metaverse being developed by the team, or as in-game avatars for several titles. Also, amongst the future releases, the most anticipated is the comic book, with a traditional Manga style feel, currently under development. It’s all planned out, and you can expect a launch in the coming days.

Anyone fairly acquainted with the industry will realize the potential held by BeastLike NFTs, and how it will shape out in the future. So, if you are looking for a profit-making collection to invest in, this is your chance to obtain high returns through BeastLike NFTs.

To find out more about BeastLike NFTs, visit the official website:

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