Camping Trip BBQ: Make it Yummier With These Handy Tricks

Going on a camping trip? Can’t wait to lose yourself in the wild and eat delicious barbecue by the aromatic campfire?

Camping trips are adventurous, exciting, and a lot of fun. Exploring and spending time in nature with your friends and family makes camping the perfect getaway for bonding and healing together. A little thought and preplanning can give you a better camping experience.

With camping trips, the barbecue will always be perfect as eating grilled meat of any kind or condition tastes better out in fresh air, surrounded by nature.

You can make your barbecue even more delicious with some neat tricks Here are a few handy ones you must know before heading out for the next camping trip.

Get a Portable Gas Grill

A charcoal grill might be the classic way of grilling out in the wilderness, but it an absolute hassle, especially if you are a nubee at the job. Getting it lit and working takes effort and a lot of time. Time is precious during any camping trip if you want to get the best experience possible.

Getting a portable gas grill means you can just set it on the ground and start grilling as soon as you turn on the burner. You can take it anywhere, which makes your nicely grilled barbecue portable!

With a charcoal grill, if the fire becomes uncontrollable, you will possibly get charred food. A gas grill eliminates that possibility, giving you evenly cooked food.

Smoke Your Barbecue

Elimination of charcoal grill, does that mean we have to eat flavorless meat? Absolutely not, as you can easily smoke food on your portable gas grill, without needing a smoker.

You will need some wood pellets for flavor. You need to pair your grilling meat with the right kind of wood. Then, you have to think of what to use to aid smoking.

You can use a light, stainless steel smoking tube. Fill it up with desired wood pallets and ignite the open end.

You can also create a makeshift smoke packet with aluminum foil. Wrap wood pellets with aluminum foil, puncture holes on top, and place it on the heat zone, then close the grill lid.

Take Multiple Food To Barbecue

People worry a lot about what to eat and not to eat while camping. Get the best barbecue experience in camping by eating a variety of food. If you are carrying meat, mix up various kinds and cuts of meat.

Always take varieties of vegetables and mushrooms with you. You can prepare them ahead of the trip. Put them in your fridge inside a ziplock bag. You can put inside your beverage cooler to keep them fresh until you need them.

You can also grill cheese and carry a few different kinds, and smoke them in your grill following the method mentioned before. Take fish for grilling or if you are going to camp with fishing facilities, grill your fresh catch.

Baking On Grill

Switch it with baking, instead of just grilling everything. One popular item would be baked potatoes. Make it even more delicious by adding some spice and cheese to the potato.

You will need aluminum foil if you want to bake anything. Always carry aluminum foil with you when going on any outdoor trips. Aluminum foil is an extremely useful tool and you would be surprised at what different purposes it could serve.

Whatever you want to bake, simply season it and wrap it up in foil. Make punctures on the packet and toss it on the grill. Safely remove the packet with a tong after it is cooked. You can bake anything from vegetables to fish.

Grill On the Campfire Pit

Don’t own a grill? No problem, you can easily grill on the campfire, caveman style. The easiest way was to do this is by using your handled fire pokers. Yes, the ones you use to roast marshmallows.

You can make “shish kebab” out of anything, using these pokers. You can prepare boxes of cubed, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc. People can create their own poker of mixed items. It can be a fun activity for everyone to enjoy together.

If that feels tedious and tiring, you can opt for taking a campfire pit grill stand. You can put these grills on top of your campfire and barbecue your meat on them, without needing an actual grill.

Make Your Mixes of Sauces and Dips

Store brought dips and sauces are loaded with unhealthy sugars and preservatives. You can make healthier versions of these condiments at home and they are easy enough to prepare.

Before your camping trip, you can make an assortment of different homemade sauces and dips you can take to the camping trips. This camping trip hack will earn you tons of brownie points from your fellow campers.

If you explore the internet, you will find numerous recipes for sauces and dips. You can try those or simply look for the recipe of a particular sauce or dip you like.

You can also experiment in the kitchen by yourself, with various blends of oils, pastes, herbs, or spices to create your unique sauces.

Final Thoughts

Planning for your camping trip can be a lot of fun, as it builds up the excitement for your upcoming event. If you prepare for the barbecue ahead of time, you can create an unforgettable gourmet experience for yourself and your fellow campers.

Select the right grill, smoke your barbecued food, or bake them. Always carry the much-needed accessories and make your dips and sauces. 

Now you know what it takes to make a barbecue yummier for your camping trip. Use these tips and tricks, and become the barbecue mastermind for your camping trip, whom your friends and family will admire.

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