Cedar Creek Capital Unveils New Opportunistic Fund

Cedar Creek Capital Unveils New Opportunistic Fund

Cedar Creek Capital is actively working to pick up assets with great fundamentals for investors

Cedar Creek Capital and CEO AJ Osborne continue to present new and exciting market assets for clients, despite a down economy, as the team works toward major developments to attract more investors to the growing self-storage space.

Market assets with great fundamentals are to be had in the ever-growing self-storage market and Cedar Creek Capital is at the forefront of the initiative to present investors with investment opportunities that are not only greatly priced, but those with immense potential and upside.

The launch of the opportunistic fund is meant to locate assets in today’s market that require being sold and have ideal fundamentals. Because of financing structures, or that of owners and operators looking to sell as money is tightening up, Cedar Creek Capital is on top of all of it.

“This is a big change in the market from the last three years, where prices continued to rise due to low interest rates,” Osborne said. “Now, with higher interest rates, value is all over the table and the owners are not able to peg what their value is. So, a lot of them need help and some are even needing to get out of their respective spaces.”

With a focus on seller financing, Cedar Creek Capital, is allowing owners and operators to attack the debt structures they are currently facing so they won’t have to deal directly with banks or institutions. Instead, the seller can carry the note.

Cedar Creek Capital has successfully weathered through and outperformed a major economic downturn in the past, and with a substantial and impressive portfolio, the company has the support of a dependable network and, thanks to their extensive due diligence process, remain minimally impacted by rising interest rates.

At present, the market has fewer buyers compared to before. However, Cedar Creek Capital, which has a remarkable history of financial stability, still continues to make purchases, giving them an advantage in the industry. Owners and operators can take solace in the fact that Cedar Creek Capital possesses the proficiency to craft and execute inventive agreements not only for both parties but also for their investors.

Cedar Creek Capital’s opportunistic fund is open at the time of publishing but space is limited.

For more information or for accredited investors looking for new investment opportunities, please seek an initial consultation at https://www.cedarcreekwealth.com/contact

About AJ Osborne and Cedar Creek Capital

AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital, is the leading expert and voice in the self-storage industry with the No. 1 bestselling book and top rated and listened to self-storage podcast. He has been featured on top real estate podcasts and is the go-to resource for self-storage investment advice across social media platforms, including YouTube. Accredited investors can find more information here: https://www.cedarcreekwealth.com/

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