Digitalatto Ltd, UK launching their Crypto “DGTL” which can be used for online Shopping to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Alibaba, and Over 50 Million Online Retailers

London, UK – Digitalatto Ltd UK, (26th July 2022), a company focused on developing and deploying the blockchain ecosystem and the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is launching a platform where consumers can shop anything from anywhere in the world using their digital assets from any global retailers including Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. 

DGTL: One of the best cryptocurrencies of 2022, launching on 31st July.

DGTL has begun to build an entire blockchain ecosystem around the global shopping experience, complete with staking and DeFi mechanisms. Since its incorporation in 2019, DGTL has been developing a series of innovative solutions aiming to make cryptocurrency easily accessible for daily use such as shopping, customer loyalty reward program, and making a global impact in E-commerce.

DGTL aims to increase demand by leveraging its e-commerce solution to bring crypto retail spending into the mainstream and increased adoption in the process. DGTL blends shopping with staking and other DeFi integrations, creating a unique, personalized user experience. A whole new shopping experience is available to users, such as crypto cashback, a loyalty reward program, access to the global marketplace, online and in-store retail shopping revolutions, and more.

The next development from DGTL is the launch of  Google Chrome extension and the marketplace. This will enable millions of users to buy anything from anywhere in the world with their cryptocurrencies, just by connecting their existing wallets. 

DGTL is a potential game-changer for crypto enthusiasts looking for a safe, simple solution to use their digital assets for everyday expenses. Simultaneously, holding DGTL is also a great opportunity for investors who can enjoy many passive rewards such as holders’ rewards, and monthly staking rewards, along with the default benefit of price projection from the launch price of US $0.02 to $100 in a short span.

Mr M.P. Shanavas, Co-Founder & CEO of Digitalatto stated, “The focus at DGTL from the start has been on building a platform that’s easy and safe to use, both for the consumer and the retailers. Using our DGTL token, consumers can avail of massive discounts and offers from retailers, and benefit from exclusive rewards for holders and staking participants. We are excited about enabling the biggest transition from FIAT to crypto in the coming years. And, our journey is just getting started.”

A smooth transaction and conversion from Fiat to Crypto to Fiat are the key fundamentals of DGTL.

Digitalatto Ltd developed and deployed its DAPP for KYC and certificate applications ( and also launched its decentralized exchange and wallet (, adding to the full-fledged LMS (Learning Management System) (Digitalatto Academy) and is progressing on many other projects including the NFT marketplace and browser mining. This blockchain ecosystem catalyzes Digitalatto Ltd to grow exponentially, boosting the confidence to project the value of DGTL to $100 by 2023. 

With innumerable existing crypto users and more planning to use it in the next year, DGTL offers the market a viable solution. The platform offers ease of use, security, low-cost transactions, and other features revolving around a customer-centric model.

With these ambitious and promising projects, DGTL is launching on 31 st July with the listing price of $0.02 per coin and available for a pre-sale  price of $0.01 at IDO – 

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