Discounted Vacant Lot Changes the Real Estate Rulebook

Discounted Vacant Lot is an American company that directly purchases unused real estate properties from its clients.

According to the latest research, it is estimated that an average of 16.7% of large US Cities’ land area is considered vacant, with approximately 4% of city addresses unoccupied. These numbers do not relate to vacant lots in rural areas, which comprise thousands of square miles. 

While many people turn to real estate agents when they wish to buy or sell land by default, the expensive commissions and long waiting times have prevented numerous Americans from obtaining a true, just value for their money. Discounted Vacant Lot is an American company that wanted to empower US landowners by providing a simpler, quicker solution. 

Unlike the majority of real estate agents and companies, Discounted Vacant Lot is focused on buying vacant lots exclusively – unused land that exists as a burden to its owner.  

What separates Discounted Vacant Lot from contemporary real estate companies is the fact that this firm buys the lands of its clients directly:

“We buy land that is not being used to help it see its greatest potential. Let’s say a lot is located in suburbia. We will hopefully resell the lot to someone who is waiting to build their dream house on it. Our goal is to help property owners feel delighted by their real estate decisions. If you do have a piece of land that is doing nothing for you, maybe we can help you with the cash to find something better suited for your needs,” said Discounted Vacant Lot’s spokesperson.

Discounted Vacant Lot offers a streamlined, quick solution to owners of unused land, eliminating the need to wait for months before a potential buyer is found. By buying the land directly from landowners, the money is almost instantly delivered to its customers, who can easily reinvest it into buying a more suitable home or property. 


More information about Discounted Vacant Lot is available on the company’s official website.

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Phone: 6316833772
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