EasyUser Partners With The #1 Systems Training Software

Industry-wide news for software – the world’s #1 systems training platform has chosen EasyUser as its new demo partner. EasyUser’s demo technology will streamline the customer’s onboarding journey with customized product tours. With over 20 years of experience in employee training, the customer has developed and offered a revolutionary solution. Their 4x-patented cloning technology sets them apart and delivers industry-leading results. New product demos will be the perfect way to showcase their software’s features and capabilities to hundreds of enterprise customers.

Since its inception, EasyUser has created hyper-realistic demos for companies of all sizes, increasing adoption and onboarding by 60%. Specializing in both video and interactive demos, they help companies increase retention rates while offering a high-quality user experience. Their all-in-one lifelike tutorials demonstrate a product’s benefits and uniqueness in a realistic environment. EasyUser believes that their demo software will be a solution for more and more companies to showcase their platform and offerings in 2023.

Their new customer is the only company that can capture and clone a complete process flow of a website. With 4 US patents, their technology has been upgrading for over 2 decades. With a real-life training environment that captures the process flow of any platform, it allows companies to train their employees in record time. This has resulted in some of the highest adoption and onboarding rates for some of the largest enterprises in the world.

EasyUser will help showcase their client’s unique software through innovative video demos, allowing the user to sit back and watch the system work on its own. Tutorials demonstrate the exact process to use and learn desired features, making it easy for users to understand any feature, while experiencing the real-life environment themselves. By handling the time-consuming process of creating demos, the customer will be able to allocate their own resources to larger and stronger growth opportunities.

The entire team at EasyUser is confident that a mutually beneficial partnership with a leader in employee training will result in an improved learning environment, an enhanced user experience, and more. EasyUser is honored to provide their demo services and technology to such a respected industry leader. Furthermore, EasyUser looks forward to expanding and making more personalized product demos for software and web apps in 2023.

–  See how one interactive demo can help with software onboarding or training. Visit EasyUser here.

About EasyUser:

A patented software that creates customized product demos for any web app or software. They deliver an all-in-one solution for showcasing any software’s features and capabilites.

With “made-for-you” product demos, they increase user adoption, onboarding, and more.

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