Entrepreneur Joseph Levy Aims to Develop New Nightclub in Brooklyn Neighborhood of New York City

New York, New York State, 30th July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Joseph Levy, an entrepreneur and the talent behind GTL marketing, is on a mission to develop a new nightclub in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City called Club Noctem. Levy already closed on an ideal property and ensures that this new location will greatly exceed the expectations of any clubgoer. Noctem will feature a VIP area, premier bottle service, live music, and appearances from some of New York’s most popular DJs. With a superior location and some of the finest amenities offered by nightclubs, Noctem aims to be New York City’s newest hotspot. Levy has had long-term plans to open a nightclub, and after recently scaling back from his role in the marketing industry, he is moving ahead at full steam to develop the hottest nightclub in the city.

“We finally secured a location for Noctem, bringing us one step closer to making this exciting idea a reality. This has been a goal of mine for a very long time now, so it’s incredible to see it finally coming to fruition. When it comes to nightclubs, I know what people are after, and Noctem is going to be the hot new place for people in New York City to mingle, dance, grab drinks, and socialize. We have an exceptional team working on the development of this nightclub, and we are excited to share the product of our hard work with the clubgoers of New York,” said Joseph Levy about his upcoming project. “I’ve been envisioning this as the best new hotspot for young, talented individuals in New York City, creating a place for them to let loose, have fun, and connect with one another in a happening environment. With the tremendous success I found while working in the marketing industry and GTL marketing, I gained the tools I need to create and promote the greatest nightclub this city has ever seen.”

Levy first made a splash in the New York industry with his incredible success with his digital marketing company GTL Marketing. This company started as a simple idea of Levy’s, and within six years, it has grown to become an 8-figure agency that is home to over 40 talented employees. After finding incredible success with GTL Marketing, Levy has decided to place his focus on the entertainment and nightlife industry. Levy has currently stepped back from his role as an active leader within the marketing company but continues seeking new brands to work with. While developing a plan for the opening of Club Noctem, Levy aims to continue to diversify his portfolio by embracing new business opportunities that come his way. He is also working on writing a book about the development of GTL Marketing.

For the latest updates from Joseph Levy regarding Noctem and his other projects, follow his Instagram page at www.instagram.com/mrjoehizzle/

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