Green Cleaning With Lavender Oil

Green Cleaning with Lavender Oil -

Lavender is known as the swiss army knife of essential oils. It can be used for so many different things. This gorgeous regal flower is well known for its abilities to soothe (body and mind), help us find relaxation and calm, support sleep, and provide us with a fantastic flowery aroma. When a child is restless out comes the lavender. When my skin comes into contact with a hot pan in the kitchen, out comes the lavender. I use it for so many things that I carry it in my purse.

Lavender oil has many therapeutic uses but it can also be used for cleaning in the home. Generally when you think about cleaning with essential oils there are some other contenders that usually top the list…melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), eucalyptus, a Thieves blend, and rosemary. Some of these oils have a strong medicinal scent though and lavender makes a great addition that will give your homemade cleaning products a flowery scent that everyone will enjoy. I grow lavender flowers in my backyard to use around the house for cleaning and I keep lavender oil on hand and at all times for cleaning uses.

Cleaning and Deodorizing Carpets and Mattresses with Lavender Oil

Lavender is antibacterial which makes it a great cleaner and germ fighter it is own right. It also deodorizers with a powerful flowery aroma. It is perfect for cleaning in areas that tend to get stinky. Carpets for instance, tend to harbor stinky bacteria. To deodorize and freshen up carpets and rugs just add 10 drops of lavender oil to a cup of baking soda, mix well and sprinkle on the carpet. Let sit for an hour or more and then vacuum up. Your house and carpet will smell amazing and the lavender oil will continue to fights germs in your carpets. I have also been known to add lavender oil to a small bit of unscented castile soap and then add that mixture to my carpet cleaner.

For mattresses you do the same, sprinkle the baking soda and lavender mixture on your naked mattress. Leave it on for an our and then use the house attachment on your vacuum to clean it up. This makes your mattress smell good, it draws away moisture and dirt, and it helps deter dust mites. The lovely scent might also help you get to sleep faster. Bonus!

Disinfect Surfaces With Lavender Oil

The antibacterial properties of this oil make it just as efficient for surface cleaning. Use it to clean countertops, tables, stoves, and other surfaces. Take two cups of white vinegar and 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of lemon. Spray surfaces and clean as usual.

You can also make this same cleaner by soaking lavender flowers and lemon peels in vinegar.

Clean Laundry With Lavender

Never buy fabric softener or dryer sheets to make your clothes smell nice. They are loaded with chemical nasties. Try lavender instead! Add a few drops to your washing machine and a few drops to a dry washcloth or dryer ball and place it in the dryer. You can also use dried lavender flowers in a muslin sachet. When the scent starts to die away I add a few drops of lavender oil and keep using it. My clothes smell amazing!

Keep Bugs Away With Lavender Oil

This oil is a great pest repellent. Add lavender oil to a cotton ball or reusable cotton round and place in drawers, cupboards, under beds, in closets, etc. Very helpful if you have moths and other bugs that like to congregate in these places.

Freshen the Air With Lavender Oil

You can make a DIY room spray with lavender oil. Mix an ounce of witch hazel with a couple ounces of distilled water and 10 drops lavender oil. Or try 5 drops lavender and 5 drops lime. Yum! Spray as needed.

An even better way to freshen the air though is with a diffuser. You add water and oils and the diffuser does all the work. You can make your home smell amazing in minutes!

Happy cleaning!

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