Green Solutions for Otherwise Harmful Items

We often are unaware of the impact everyday items can have on the environment. The worst is that this impact could be easily mitigated by making better buying decisions. Most companies today are aware of the harmful effects their product can have on the environment and are more inclined to making eco-friendly changes. But consumers should also play their part and look at how they can reduce waste in their own lives. Here are some alternatives to harmful items we use every day.

Use a Reusable Mug

If you need your daily Starbucks in the morning, you should be aware of how much of an impact paper cups can have on global waste. If you have a cup of coffee every day and use paper cups, that’s about 240 cups or more that will end up being wasted. Even if you get one or two coffees per week, that’s at least 52 cups for you alone. Imagine how much waste that amounts to when you count the millions and millions of people who buy coffee each day. Get yourself a reusable mug instead; not only will it keep your coffee warm, but some coffee shops will give you a five, 10, or even a 25-cent discount (the price of a paper cup) for using one.

Biodegradable Coffee Pods

Speaking of coffee, a lot of people may not realize how much waste is generated by single-use coffee pods. Coffee pods have become such a big issue that a former Nespresso’s chief executive recently warned that coffee pods are killing the environment. One report suggested that the total amount of k-cups wasted could make 10 times the earth circumference if strung together.

However, if you own a Keurig machine and want to continue enjoying your coffee, you don’t necessarily have to throw it away. There are plenty of companies that offer alternatives and you can find biodegradable coffee pods online in a wide variety of flavors.

Microfiber Cloth

Another major source of waste is disposable cloths. But what’s worse about them is that they could easily be replaced by a microfiber cloth. Not only will you reduce the amount of waste you produce but get much better results as well.

Safety Razors

Reusable razors are not only bad for the environment but also a bad choice for your wallet as well. You could buy a safety razor and razor blades instead. This will create a lot less waste, and you’ll get a much better shave then you would with any disposable razor. You can find a great safety razor for as little as $20 on Amazon and some will last your whole lifetime. Not only that, but razor blades can be recycled as well, which makes them an even better green option.

Menstrual Products

Menstrual products are also a major source of waste in the country and in the world. It has been estimated that about seven billion tampons and 12 million sanitary pads are disposed of in the US every year. Thankfully, you can choose from several alternatives to costly and waste producing menstrual products. One of these alternatives is the Diva Cup, which is a menstrual cup that is completely reusable and doesn’t contain any rayon or dioxin. This makes it very easy to maintain. If you prefer external products, there are also plenty of reusable sanitary pads like Glad Rags that you could use as well.


You don’t have to turn your world upside down to make a difference. Just making a few lifestyle adjustments can add up and help reduce global waste.

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