How to Be A Better Employer

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to look after your employees and make sure they are well cared for. There are several things that you can do in order to make sure that they are motivated and productive. So, here are a few ways to become a better employer.


Keep them protected

As an employer, it’s your legal responsibility to have employer’s liability insurance to protect your employees. This is going to ensure that your employees are protected against illness and injury when working for you. It will also make sure that you are protected in the event an employee makes a claim.

You can also ensure you have a thorough health and safety policy to make sure every employee understands and adheres to it. You could also consider offering business health insurance as well as other benefits such as gym memberships or a cycle to work scheme.


Offer them benefits

We mentioned above that there are some benefits such as health insurance and gym memberships that you might want to offer your employees. However, there are numerous other benefits that you could also offer. By offering benefits to your employees, you’re more likely to keep them in good spirits and more motivated.

Some of the most common and popular employee benefits include a company car, bereavement leave, enhanced sick pay, pension schemes, flexible working, childcare, pension plans and mental health days, etc.


Provide training

Training is important for employees because it helps them to improve their skillset and knowledge. This is beneficial for both the company and the employee as it’s not only going to look great on the employee’s CV, but it’s also going to make them more productive and efficient in the workplace.

Training can also be relatively easy to provide and at little expense to the company. If you have senior members in your team who have a lot of knowledge under their belt, you can get them involved and have them train your junior members of staff. You can also make use of free or inexpensive online courses and training.


Allow career progression

Career progression is extremely important to your employees. In fact, half of the people aged under 35 believe promotion should come every two years. Employees who are allowed career progression or can see a clear path of progression within their role in your business are more likely to be engaged and committed to their job.

HR should make it clear to employees that progression is a priority for the business. Since employees are a business’ biggest investment, it’s important they know you value them and want to help them improve their career. If you want to secure maximum return-on-investment (ROI), then it would be wise to help deserving employees progress.


Paid annual leave

Employees appreciate a little time off from time to time. So, consider allowing your employees to take paid time off. All employees are entitled to at least 17 days and 28 days annual leave, for part-time and full-time workers respectively.

If you want to reward your employees, that little bit extra, consider giving them extra days off on top of this. A good way to offer these extra days would be on an earned basis or a reward basis. Allow your employees to earn extra time off by performing well and being rewarded for their hard work.


Every business owner is different, as is their business and their employee base. Keeping your employees engaged, motivated, and productive at work can be a challenge. However, with the tips in this article, you can start on your way to a more engaged employee base.

Source: ArticleCube

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