How to transform your mess into your message

Marissa Padilla is a thought-leading entrepreneur and international speaker.

In today’s world where everyone appears to be living out their best lives via social media, there is this undeniable depression hidden due to the way social media perceives how life should look and If we aren’t living out our life in that way then we our life is not good enough.

The truth is everyone faces hardships, and everyone goes through extremely difficult times in life, but no one shares that side of their lives on social media. All we see is the good. However, Marisa wants to disrupt that façade and show people just how sharing your mess can be a beautiful message to give hope where We can embrace our imperfections instead of projecting a perfect life when one does not exist.

As a natural progression being a part of changing the way social media deceives the public living a life of perfection Marisa has proceeded to immerse herself learning from those who have had the hardest lives, who have gone through the most difficult times, how to love after heartbreak, learn how to conquer their biggest fears, how to create their dream when they have started with nothing and barely anyone believed in them to defying the odds living out their success story and spending their days giving hope and inspiration to those that feel hopeless. She herself uses her own platform to bare all her scars and wear them proudly no matter what the cost because it is more important for her to show how living life this way is the most fulfilling way to live.

Marisa says God gave her an understanding from when she was a little girl that she was going to face many trials in her life because there are a lot of people that will need her story and strength for them to know that there is hope and that no one is alone.

She goes onto say, “If I only impact one life by sharing my adversities and how I have overcome them to be where I am today then I have lived a life worth living.” She lives and walks out every day of her life to give, to speak, to serve and to

Recently created a vlog called “Wine Wednesday”. She partnered with One Hope Wine because they give back 10% of any purchase goes to a charity, a charity of her choice. Wine Wednesday was the opportunity to give in all areas she is passionate about. Every week she picks a different charity to help support a cause and shares her or someone else’s story in hopes to spread inspiration.

What’s next for Marisa? She says the sky isn’t even the limit, the mind is the only limit so we must think big, dream big, believe in oneself because the opportunities are endless with no boundaries on what we can achieve and to always remember.

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