iQibla Develops Smart iQibla App

iQibla Develops Smart iQibla App

“Smart ring, Tasbeeh counter, digital alarm clock”

iQibla improves the performance of its products by developing the iQibla app. Users can use it as a stand-alone app or synchronize with Zikr1 Smart Ring or iQibla Smart Watch.

iQibla, a company that introduces Zikr1, a smart ring for zikr, increases its performance by developing the iQibla app. The idea of releasing this app is to ensure that Zikr1 users can use this product better and more comfortably than before. The sales manager of the company said, “We hope that Zikr1 becomes the best smart ring for zikr in the future. Because of that, we try to improve its performance. One of them is by developing an app.”

The iQibla or Smart Qibla app works with a built-in Bluetooth 5.1 to quickly connect to the Zikr1 anytime users want. Users only have to download the app on Google Play Store before using and connecting to the zikr ring. The sales manager of the company explained, “This app is not only compatible with the Zikr1 ring but users can still use it as a stand-alone app. The features are useful to show and remind 5 prayer times, pilgrimage directions, and many more. It also works for showing fasting and Hajj time.” These two devices will not only count the zikr but also support Muslims in doing their daily routines to worship Allah. Because of that, users can also use this app as a wake up light alarm clock to remind them to pray, such as Subuh or Tahajjud. The combination of the Zirk1 Smart Ring and the iQibla app is also effective enough for Muslims who love traveling. Finding the Kaaba direction is difficult without a compass.

The sales manager clarified, “One of the goals of releasing Zirk1 and the iQibla app is to help Muslims in anything, including finding the Kaaba direction. We understand Kaaba is one of the most important landmarks for Muslims worldwide, especially if they want to pray to Allah. Now, they can find the direction no matter where they are.” Users can also synchronize the data with their smartphone devices and Qibla watch. Then, they can also see their zikr achievement on the ring to their mobile phone because of this app. The company tries to ensure that users easily get these products.

The sales manager said that users who need a Misbaha counter by iQibla can visit the official website and click the buy now button. They will get the details of the product and the way to get it. They can install the iQibla app while waiting for the Zikr1 Smart Ring and directly use it when receiving the product.

About iQibla:

iQibla was founded by Younes, a young Arab. Younes worked with his Indian friend Rajesh to create an exclusive watch for Muslims in 2019. Nowadays, the company is not only offering a smartwatch for Muslims but also Zikr1 Smart Ring and the iQibla app.

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