Marketing, Graphic Design, and Branding by Black Lotus Through a Result-Driven Approach That Goes Beyond the Client’s Brief

Since 2009, Black Lotus has provided holistic advertising and branding solutions. The agency understands what a campaign is about and executes it meticulously. Its team has the skill and experience to deliver a client’s brief by identifying what’s essential and jettisoning the unimportant.

According to announcements released by Black Lotus and Stefan Simonsson, the marketing, graphic design, and branding services provided by this advertising agency have enabled businesses to reach out to their target audience and achieve the desired marketing objectives.

Online and offline advertising and marketing services Black Lotus provides include commercial photography, packaging design, commercial videography, content and copywriting, and art & illustrations.

Black Lotus entered the creative industry in 2009. Since then, it has helped local and international brands generate sales, boost brand recall, and achieve a very high ROI on their marketing spend. The creative team at Black Lotus knows what to focus on so that a client’s brief is met in every way possible.

The agency executes each project with meticulous attention to detail to meet the client’s aspirations, and a mutually beneficial engagement happens with the target audience. Black Lotus succeeds in implementing result-giving campaigns because it takes the time to understand a client’s position in the market; it analyzes what the competitors are doing; uses the information to create smart and personalized campaigns.

Black Lotus has worked with small and big businesses in Asia and is now expanding into Europe and North America. It is a growing business with the agility to adapt quickly because of its small size. Its size gives it an advantage over advertising behemoths. Its communications within the company and with clients are quick and straightforward, and it can quickly brainstorm ideas and solutions.

Black Lotus has managed to stay strong and retain clients even as the country’s economy is trying to recover from the shocks of the pandemic. 

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Stefan Simonsson of Black Lotus said, “Black Lotus is a Sri Lankan company started in 2009. We have over ten years of experience in building brands, marketing, and graphic design, and we are now expanding in Europe with one eye on the North American market. Working with online and traditional marketing Black Lotus has done great work in Asia with companies like Nestlé, Chevron, IFS, and Singer. We offer a wide range of services. The company provides services for composing music, creating concept designs, tv and radio commercials, and event planning. Black Lotus is known for delivering smart and personal campaigns and content. Our team of highly creative professionals works closely with their customers to bring excellent results. All is done under the watchful eyes of Nelum Kalupahana, head of creative strategy. 

The key to their success is, in his own words – The secret of our progress is that we usually endeavor to gain the highest level of competence in advertising and the ambition to be the happiest advertising team in the world. The fact that we consider ourselves one big family is also a strength. Our slogan is “Together we win.” This means the company members know that the best way to succeed is to stick together, together as a company and with our clients. Always giving the best to each other and clients.”

About the Company:

For more than a decade, Black Lotus has helped clients achieve their marketing objectives through online and offline services. These include creative concept design, brand development, marketing strategy, digital marketing, SEO, etc. The agency has worked for brands such as Nestle and Airtel.

Media Contact
Company Name: Black Lotus
Contact Person: Stefan Simonsson
Email: Send Email
Phone: (0046) 0733472271
Address:293, Deans Road
City: Colombo 01000
Country: Sri Lanka

Source: Digital Journal

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