Master the Art of Etiquette with Transformational Education from Los Angeles-Based Fashion Styling Company

In a world that is becoming ever more diverse and interconnected, having the ability to show respect for others’ customs and traditions is more important than ever. That’s why Ines Florissant, founder of Los Angeles-based company 7 Days Fashion School has created a platform to make learning simple, fun, and results-oriented. This revolutionary educational platform helps students foster an understanding of etiquette that may help create a more harmonious and inclusive society. 

“It does not matter what manners you were born with; it’s way more important which manners you acquire in life,” states Ines. There are no lessons on etiquette in American schools, and therefore many Americans grow up without even knowing the basics. Through her program, she hopes to bring cultural understanding and acceptance, along with etiquette norms to fill the gaps in society today.

Florissant’s platform distills vital information into easily digestible bites so students can quickly understand different cultures, customs, and traditions. Students learn about universal business etiquette as well as country-specific considerations – such as tipping practices or dressing in respect of local mores on certain occasions – all learnt from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, Ines also ensures to keep it entertaining, while teaching cultural principles practical and understandable.

She hopes her education will make it easier for people around the world to connect with one another while still being mindful of cultural boundaries. To create a more inclusive and harmonious society, Ines believes that we need to show respect for other cultures and traditions by being mindful of our behaviors and how they may be perceived. To that end, Ines’ latest addition to her services is very promising.

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