Metabolic Enhancement, Optimum Energy, and an Anti-Aging Approach to Health at Universal Vitality Wellness Institute

Dr. Brett Gschwend of Universal Vitality Wellness Institute helps women aged 30-50 years regain vitality, manage weight, and tackle stress through a focus on cellular regeneration and holistic wellbeing. He follows a natural approach to wellness, with holistic lifestyles being central to good health.

According to announcements released by Universal Vitality Wellness Institute and Dr. Brett Gschwend, the institute has made a difference in people’s lives by improving their health through a focus on metabolic optimization. Universal Vitality eschews the superficiality in many programs for energy boosts, anti-aging, and weight management

Its techniques have evolved through a deep understanding of how metabolism works at the cellular level. Dr. Gschwend addresses the root causes of issues to deliver lasting positive changes. His clinics, online learning platforms, and uniquely formulated supplements focus on cellular metabolic health for all individuals. The care recommendations and supplements recommended can be customized to a patient’s bio-individuality. 

For over a decade, Dr. Gschwend has researched a system for cellular health and deduced it all in a stepwise manner for his program participants to follow. The method results in mind-body wellness that reduces or eliminates dependence on medication and makes it possible to sustain physical health through activities and mental fortitude even after active participation ends. 

The system created by Dr. Gschwend is ideal for growth-oriented truth seekers who wish to unlock their true potential for well-being without being bogged down by diagnoses, labels, and avoidable complexities. Dr. Gschwend equips his patients with all the tools and strategies they need to achieve health and is always at hand to guide or consult them. 

People today are becoming aware of the power and benefits of true healing, as opposed to consuming drugs indefinitely to suppress symptoms, and under Dr. Brett’s guidance, they can achieve this objective too, as proven in his hundreds of past happy clients.

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Dr. Brett Gschwend of Universal Vitality Wellness Institute said, “I wanted to create something different than the model I was taught because it was a bottom line first business model, and I wanted to create a patient-first business model that made a big life impact on our patients, our employees, and our communities in a new way that provides true fulfillment for everyone and still creates growing revenues.

I have always had a servant’s heart, and a football injury in high school that left me temporarily paralyzed and in constant pain afterward led me down the path of natural healing modalities and created a mark on how I wanted to spend the rest of my life in service to others. 

Along this path, I made my major transformations of body and mind and overcame many addictions, swapping them out with the healthy addiction to learning and innovative creation. 

This fire of growth and creating has fueled me to become solution oriented around many of the major problems our humanity faces, and becoming an entrepreneur was the most effective route. 

Dr. Brett Gschwend is a holistic doctor with degrees in Anatomy (B.S.), Health and Wellness (B.S.), Chiropractic (Doctor of Chiropractic), and is also licensed as a Doctor of Pastoral Sciences (PSc. D). 

But he hangs his hat on his advanced post-graduate studies in functional neurology, psychoneuroimmunology, cognitive psychology, functional medicine/clinical nutrition, and bioenergetic medicine. The paragon of mind-body-spirit education.”

About the Company: 

Dr. Brett Gschwend is the founder of BioModern Health. The clinic follows a system of holistic, integrative medicine, and in order to meet the growing demand and desire for increased impact, he created Universal Vitality, the online platform. Dr. Gschwend now educates, coaches, and consults individuals across the globe. He delivers overall health through life transformation by focusing on cellular metabolic enhancement. 


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