Name Image Likeness (NIL) Startup, TipMyTeam, Empowers Fans to Support Student Athletes

TipMyTeam is a non-profit that allows fans to donate to their favorite college sports teams. Donations are split evenly amongst all athletes on a team, and a portion is donated to injured athletes.

TipMyTeam, the latest innovator in the Name Image Likeness (NIL) space, launched on August 1, 2022, with the goal to make a positive impact on local communities and empower student athletes. The platform allows college sports fans to support their favorite teams by donating either one time, or on a monthly basis.

Unlike other startups in this space, when someone donates to a sports team using TipMyTeam, the transaction is completely transparent and the donation is split between all members of the team.

“As a former college athlete, the gap between scholarship and non-scholarship athletes was evident.  Our initiative doesn’t just focus on one player or a group of players. We include the entire team equally.  Our goal is to eliminate the divide in the locker room so the players can get back to what they do best.  After all, it is a TEAM effort on and off the field.  At the end of the day, it’s your teammates that will be there for you during your ups and downs while away from home and the day to day struggles of a student athlete,” states Bobby Reid, one of the founding members of TipMyTeam, and a former quarterback at Oklahoma State University and Texas Southern University.

Another key difference between TipMyTeam and other platforms is that the athlete agreements aren’t exclusive, and student athletes are still able to pursue private NIL deals, which gives them more freedom and earning power.

TipMyTeam is keenly focused on supporting local communities, and requires student athletes to complete 12 hours of community service every 6 months, in order to stay on the roster.

Reid explains, “In addition to a tax write off, donors get the privilege of helping a college athlete contribute to society through their acts of charity and community service, required by the TipMyTeam platform.”

Donors can expect to receive exclusive benefits for supporting their team using the platform. Benefits include exclusive team updates, highlights, and scores, in addition to a personal directory of information about the team. TipMyTeam will also be publishing a weekly top 25 list that tracks the schools with the most donations.

“Our weekly top 25 list is our way of letting the fans, supporters and athletes from every team know where they stand compared to other schools. It’s our way to give them a behind the scenes look. This list will include the top 25 schools that have accumulated the most charitable donations. We hope this will help spike interest in the fans and supporters to help them get their team on the top 25 list quickly,” says Reid.

For more information or to begin making donations, please visit the TipMyTeam website. The TipMyTeam mobile app will be available for iPhone and Android in the near future . Media inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

About TipMyTeam

About TipMyTeam: TipMyTeam is a Name Image Likeness (NIL) startup founded in 2021 with the mission to make a positive impact on local communities and empower student athletes. Bobby Reid, former quarterback for Oklahoma State University and Texas Southern University, is one of the founding members.

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