Natoverse Treasure Boxes – All You Need to Know

NATOVERSE – a colossal metaverse where multiple worlds co-exist. It is a planet of games, with multiple games being hosted on the planet. It is a stunning, wealthy planet, full of surprises and possibilities, where wealth is hidden in treasure chests and the world is just as plausible as our own.

A lot of adventures, mischief, combat, racing, and many other things, happen. The main reason which drives most of the activities is Treasure Boxes.  Are they indeed that valuable?

What are Treasure Boxes? 

Treasure Boxes are, basically, chests which you will be able to run into as you emerge in the NATOVERSE. Whether you are scouting for hostile units, racing, or just having fun exploring the world, the chances are, a Treasure Box is going to be somewhere nearby.

These boxes contain treasure coins, just as the name implies. NATO tokens will be the default content of each box, while some boxes may contain additional coins such as Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, LTC, USDT, BNB, and many others at random. 

How to know what they contain?

After engaging in either Natocombat or Natorace and obtaining a Treasure Box, how are the players supposed to know what is inside? The players will learn what and how much does the box contain, only after they arrive back to their home and open the box.

The player must bring the treasure box safely back to their house so that they can open it in addition to collecting it. Emphasis on safety, as players can lose the Treasure Boxes they have obtained if they are not careful. Dying, crashing, etc. all leads to the player respawning in their home, without the Treasure Boxes. Therefore, make sure you choose the safest route when going back home, otherwise you will never know what the Treasure Box they were carrying contained.

Where to find them?

All around the world, the Treasure Boxes will spawn at random locations, and once claimed, they will randomly respawn as well. This makes looking for them, overcoming challenges, and escaping with them thrilling and enjoyable. On the other hand, game modes such as Natorace will have them randomly distributed in racing spots.

With the acquisition of a home, each player receives a map that will enable them to navigate the world and identify hidden Treasure Boxes on the map as well.

Can you get NATO tokens early?

The Pre-Seed sale is starting very soon.
Friday August 29, 2022, 11:00 AM CET.

To find out more about the sale and how to get your NATO tokens, please follow our social media platforms. Additionally, you can join our NATOVERSE telegram community and ask any question you may have. 


NATOVERSE is a planet in the metaverse, where you can compete in various gaming challenges to earn treasure boxes, filled with NATO tokens and crypto coins, namely, BTC, ETH, and LTC, among others. It branches out into Natorace and Natocombat. 

Natorace is a car racing blockchain game, a part of NATOVERSE where players engage in different races with other players to win Treasure boxes. After acquiring a vehicle, players have the option to race with fellow NATOVERSE players and win prizes depending on the place they come in. To participate in a race, besides having a vehicle, players have to have enough gas in their tank for the race. The race can have from 5 to 20 competitors, and the bigger the number of players racing, the better the rewards are.

Natocombat is a decentralized protocol representing a new ‘combat blockchain based age’ in gaming and it’s on this basis that the project has been engineered from its inception to support its sustainability in the long run. Players have to acquire treasure boxes, which are guarded by army soldiers, deadly beasts, and lethal robots. You have to go through these enemies, or sneak by them, to obtain the treasure boxes. On successfully escaping with the treasure box, the player is rewarded with any tokens they find in the box.

Besides the different game modes, NATO offers other experiences just like in the real world. Want to go to the cinema? You can. Want to go boxing? You can. Visit a casino, the beach, or go skydiving. It is all possible thanks to NATOVERSE’s expansive multiverse that has seemingly no end to it.

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