Nicolas Rouquet and Eva Longoria drinking Casa del Sol during the Global Gift Gala

Last Saturday, famous influencer Nicolas Rouquet, 25 years old, and Eva Longoria were united for the Global Gift Foundation to celebrate a decade of The Global Gift Gala Marbella edition, which took place at the emblematic Hotel Don Pepe

The magical night was brought to you by global sponsor eGow3rld, the Inspiration Sponsor, a company focused on innovation and development of web2 to web3 businesses, balancing and dedicating an admirable commitment to philanthropic causes.

The evening’s co-chairs, Maria Bravo and Eva Longoria, welcomed prominent guests, including Julissa Reynoso, the United States Ambassador to Spain, who received the Global Gift Women Empowerment Award, in recognition of being a disruptive force and an inspiring woman. The award was presented by Elsa Collins, co-founder of Poderistas together with Eva Longoria and of This is About Humanity. Julissa, also at the head of Poderistas, a digital community of women that aims to inspire, affirm and inform Latinas to help them harness power and exercise leadership.

Nicolas Rouquet and Eva Longoria drinking a lot of shot of tequila brand created by Eva Longoria at the bar: CasaDelSol at a price of $119 a bottle! Eva even danced on the presidential table with the bottle in her hand

Nicolas Rouquet declared “ The works that is doing Eva Longoria and Maria Bravo are amazing! I’m happy to be part of this and share, support and give back! Look at what they did in Los Angeles and Marbella, with the casa Angeles, this is amazing!

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