OWL Home Education Network by Chauncy Childs and Shane Eastman is revolutionizing the education space with its innovative approach

The new system has gained significant popularity in the international markets as well

United States – The OWL Home Education Network by Chauncy Childs and Shane Eastman is bringing in a new era in the education space by offering an innovative, personable alternate to the traditional education system in public schools. It enables parents and guardians to connect with educators across the world directly.

OWL’s Home Education Network concept is based on offering freedom of education that leads to creating self-directed, well-adjusted, happy, and joyful children. “The public education system in the country is in dire need of an overhaul. OWL Home Education Network has been designed to enable parents, mentors, coaches, and students the freedom to create personalized educational opportunities,” said Shane Eastman

This alternate methodology to the current education system primarily targets the prevalence of children with learning disabilities, developmental issues and overuse of technology that is proving to impact children’s intellect negatively. In a day and age of information, Shane and Chauncy have created something truly unique and innovative that offers an infinitely more effective approach to educating children.

“The entire process is straightforward – people will be able to learn French from someone in France, European History from somebody from Europe; it is that simple and global in its approach,” Shane added.

This new approach to facilitating education is gaining popularity in the country and international markets primarily because it offers an opportunity to unleash the power of the mind through innovative educational methods; unfettered by arbitrary governmental standards and from unnecessary and psychologically harmful social conditioning theories.

Users can easily sign up on the website, create a profile, and start browsing courses using filters to narrow their search. “During this launch period, there is no cost to create a profile or a listing,” Shane remarked. 

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Country: United States
Website: https://www.owlhomeeducationnetwork.com/

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