Purpose-focused startup Way Beyond Work to bring short-term work opportunities to thousands of talented professionals, graduates and job seekers

In June 2022, there were nearly 6 million unemployed Americans. 1.3 million of those were “long-term unemployed”, meaning they had been jobless for 27 weeks or more. The average duration of unemployment stood at 22 weeks that same month, according to BLS data. Lose your job (or give it up) and you could wait three to six-plus months for the next role to come along.

“Being unemployed can be an incredibly stressful period,” begins Eve Strauss, founder of startup Way Beyond Work. “And yet what we’ve seen in recent months is that many people would rather leave jobs that feel unfulfilling, than continue doing work that feels like it doesn’t fit. Work can – and should – be a profound source of satisfaction for every human being. Yet for many, it seems, it’s preferable to endure the uncertainty of unemployment in the search for better opportunities.”

The data paint a clear picture. A 2021 study by McKinsey revealed that nearly two-thirds of US-based employees said that COVID-19 caused them to reflect on their purpose in life. Nearly half said that they were reconsidering the kind of work they do because of the pandemic. 

“There’s always been a lack of opportunity, particularly for established professionals, to try something new, or meaningfully rethink their career direction. At the same time, getting a foot on the job ladder is often tough for many graduates, even those with Masters and Doctoral degrees. It is for people like this, as well as individuals who are between jobs, particularly those who have left full-time work to find something better, that we want to open doors,” says Strauss.

The mission? Way Beyond Work aims to connect skilled professionals and high-achieving graduates to short-term work opportunities at purpose-driven startups, nonprofits and growing companies. For Strauss, it’s about connecting passionate, purpose-seeking professionals with organizations doing innovative, meaningful work. A win-win for ambitious, future-focused organizations as much as for the individuals the company seeks to benefit. “We’ve evolved our focus areas to include short-term paid positions, volunteer opportunities and internships. Many organizations, particularly smaller ones, have a need to find top-tier talent for short-term or once-off projects. Finding highly skilled people for positions like these can be hard to do. It’s our mission to connect those who want to do meaningful work with the opportunities to do it.”

Way Beyond Work engagements last between 2 weeks and 3 months, Strauss notes. “Short-term opportunities like these are an incredibly valuable opportunity to explore a new industry, rekindle your sense of purpose, or discover a new professional direction, all while boosting your resume and minimizing the ‘employment gap’ many employers seem to look on so unfavorably. For our partner companies, it’s a great way to tap into the skills of passionate people.”

Now in pre-launch, Way Beyond Work is currently taking applications from professionals and college graduates. It is also onboarding partner organizations. Yet the startup is exacting when it comes to the organizations it collaborates with. “A major part of our mission is enabling future-focused organizations to do more of the important work they’re already doing, by accelerating their missions through access to the right kind of talent – be that of individuals or whole teams. At the present time, we’re focused on partnering with organizations in fields such as biotech, conservation, renewable energy, robotics, social enterprise, fintech, materials science and more. In a nutshell, organizations that aim to do good for people and the planet,” says Strauss. 

All interested parties can head to www.waybeyondwork.com to apply.

“It’s a great feeling, working for an organization whose mission you really believe in and whose culture you personally align with,” Strauss concludes. “We’re trying to open up that opportunity to more people. Where there’s a fit, we’d love to see many of the short-term collaborations we enable evolve into long-term working partnerships.”

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