Sam And Shelley Glionna And The Spanish Lookout Kid’s Choir – A Musical Labor Of Love Inspires

Sam And Shelley Glionna And The Spanish Lookout Kid’s Choir - A Musical Labor Of Love Inspires

With 110 meaningful, moving, and memorable songs, the children of Central America find a voice in Christian music

A compelling Christian and Soul music duo, Sam and Shelley Glionna are a skilled force. The seasoned artists have only recently graced the genre with a thoughtful and memorable musical composition, which links back to their own journey of growth throughout life.

After vacationing and meeting a missionary couple in Belize in 2009, Sam & Shelley decided to move there with a plan to spend a year or two doing music with children in village schools and churches that had no resources for music programs. Seven years later, Sam repeatedly heard a voice telling him to start a Christian song writing group. Soon enough, a seven-year-old girl named “Grady” asked if she could sing a song presented a heartfelt track titled “My Best Friend.”

This beautiful moment laid forth a musical process, and more children started lining up to sing the songs they wrote. To date, there have been 110 original songs and videos which have been recorded by the artists on YouTube- all originals composed by members of the Spanish Lookout Kids Choir. Although many kids in the choir prefer to sing and perform, those who have a gift and passion for writing songs and recording them have become known as the “Praise Writers.”

Created through a labor of love, the Spanish Lookout Kids Choir consists of children who are all from the farming community, and who alongside their families continue to excel as hard working, Bible-believing Christians and put God first, then family and friends, then work, and school (in that very order).

A spokesperson for the group said: “We pray for all our listeners at the beginning of each vocal class and recording session. We hope our music is a blessing to you. Please comment and write to us. We would love to get to know you as a friend.”

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Sam Glionna’s music journey began when he started learning piano and pipe organ at the young age of nine. By fourteen, Sam was an assistant organist to composer and choir director George B, and hacker at St. Gregory the Great Church in Chicago, Illinois. When he was sixteen, the budding artist directed and played keyboard for “Landslide ’68,” the musical touring group for Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign in Chicago.

Sam’s beautiful musical talents were complemented once he married singer and vocal coach Shelley. Shelley’s heartfelt vocals and songwriting talent formulated an elevating and soul-stirring mix of tunes, and together they directed the Praise Team and Bell Choir at the First Presbyterian Church in Inverness, Florida. After moving to Belize to teach music to the kids in village schools and churches that had no resources for music programs, Sam and Shelley started the Spanish Lookout Kids’ Choir.

Young Praise Writers is a unique group of Central American kids led by Sam and Shelley. The Christian kid’s choir has written, performed, and recorded over 110 original Praise and Worship songs. Our youngest writer is age seven. All of this has been done in a small wooden building in the foothills of the Maya mountains in rural Belize.











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Company Name: Sam and Shelley Glionna and the Spanish Lookout Kid’s Choir
Contact Person: Sam Glionna
Email: Send Email
Phone: 011-501-660-3264
Address:Box 315
City: Spanish Lookout
State: Cayo
Country: Belize

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