Scottish Staycation Ideas for 2022

Now that we are in the new year, many of us are thinking about taking trips and holidays to break up the monotony that follows just after Christmas. The last two years have come as a blessing and curse for many people who like to travel. On the curse side, holidays have been cancelled, plans have gone down the drain, and travel abroad has been restricted. But in terms of a silver lining, we have been able to rediscover the beauty of the country that is right on our doorstep. This year you might be tempted to take a short Spring staycation. Here are some tips on the best places you can explore in Scotland.


The Islands to the North of Scotland are not as remote as the Shetlands but in many ways feel more in tune with Scandinavia than other parts of the UK. Orkney is made up of a number of different islands and showcases Scotland’s island life at its very best.

Tourists can enjoy stunning coastal walks and explore the famous neolithic ruins of Skara Brae. There is plenty to explore and do throughout the year, but Spring brings good weather, particularly if you are interested in wildlife. There are huge seabird colonies that call the cliffs around the island home. If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to spot some of the whales that live in the waters off the Island’s coast.

St Andrews

While the pretty town of St Andrews is synonymous with the world of golf, there is a lot more on offer here for the weekend tourist looking for a short break. The old town is beautiful and full of independent shops and restaurants that are worth exploring. On a good day, St Andrews beach is one of the best areas of coast you could find anywhere in the UK.

Lovers of golf won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to play some of the iconic courses that can be found here. The Old Course might only be available to those who can afford a round, but there are lots of other options to explore as well.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

What makes Loch Lomond so appealing to Brits looking to get a short getaway is the accessibility of this beautiful part of the country. It is only a short distance from Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow and has excellent public transport links. The countryside beauty is something to behold, and the famous West Highland Way cuts right along the western shore of Scotland’s most iconic Loch.

If you want a place to stay during your trip, look no further than the Cameron House Hotel. This luxury hotel has everything you could want from a Loch Lomond getaway and makes the perfect base to relax and reconnect with nature. If you fancy bagging a Munro, there are plenty in the area to choose from!


Many cities and towns in Scotland lend themselves well to a short break but are often unfairly overlooked by tourists in favour of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Thanks to its smaller stature, Dundee doesn’t suffer from the tourist trap feel of its more prominent contemporaries and therefore lends itself well to a city break for people looking to avoid the crowds.

Visitors here can enjoy many different attractions to explore. The recently opened V&A Museum is a stunning feat of design and architecture and is home to some exciting collections and exhibits. If you want a look into some Scottish history, be sure to plan a visit to the RRS Discovery – the very steamship that took the iconic Antarctic explorers Scott and Shackleton on their journey in 1901. With any luck, your weather will be a little warmer than what they had to experience!

We hope this article has been helpful in showcasing the staycation options you can explore this Spring. There are many places in Scotland to discover that are right on our doorstep!

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