SkinStation Aesthetics Spa, a Las Vegas Botox Center, is Offering a Wide Range of Services in NV

Las Vegas, NV: SkinStation Aesthetics Spa offers a wide range of services to patients, assisting them in improving their well-being and rejuvenating their bodies. Facial treatment is one of the holistic services provided by Las Vegas Botox. Patients interested in sloughing off their dead skin and removing the melisma, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, or sunspots can opt for Diamond Microdermabrasion.

The procedure, which uses crystal-diamond tips, is also ideal for minimizing hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, blackheads, enlarged pores, and superficial scars. For maximum results and to achieve smoother skin, the certified staff adjusts the medical-grade products to match the patient’s skin type. They also advise the patient on the ideal number of sessions based on their skin condition and what they want to achieve from the procedure.

SkinStation Aesthetics Spa also offers hydrodermabrasion to patients interested in instant results and non-invasive facial treatments. The main ingredients in cleansing and exfoliating the skin are water and oxygen — before removing the antioxidants and impurities. Considering patients have unique face skins and aesthetic goals, the aesthetician customizes each treatment for more results.

If they are unsure which treatment is ideal for them — between hydrodermabrasion and Diamond Microdermabrasion — the staff is on standby for more assistance. Besides, the nurses and on-sight medical aestheticians answer questions regarding the center’s procedures and the equipment.

In addition, the medical spa offers laser hair removal. To inactivate hair follicles, the trained staff uses modern equipment to beam concentrated light harmlessly. Besides efficiency and taking a fraction of a second, it leaves the patient’s skin unharmed as the lasers target dark and coarse hair. It is also a highly predictable procedure, as most permanent hair loss is after a few sessions.

The center also offers body contour treatments to patients interested in reducing sagging skin and cellulite. It combines ultrasonic cavitation, vacuum technologies, EMS muscle-sculpting, radiofrequency, and endosperm to achieve results and improve the skin texture of the affected areas. The procedures also enhance lymphatic drainage, tightening and toning the skin.

In addition, the center offers intravenous injections to patients for a range of reasons. For example, those actively in tissue building, can get the glutathione injection, which helps in tissue repair and eliminates free radicals that speed up aging. The center also offers Vitamin C and glutathione + Vitamin C injections.

SkinStation Aesthetics Spa is located at 8550 West Charleston Boulevard Suite 108, Las Vegas, NV, 89117. Patients interested in quality treatments to rejuvenate their bodies and improve their well-being can contact the medical spa at (702) 890-9896 or (702) 660-2275. Visit the website for more information.

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SkinStation Aesthetics Spa
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