The Bandit Project Picks August 11 as Public Presale Date for $BANDIT Token

The much-anticipated event is an important step in the project’s development. It follows a whitelist presale phase, which ended in mid-July and sold out all the tokens on offer for that event.

The Bandit Project enables users to become part owners of a platform and share the revenue when they provide liquidity to the Bank. Moreover, they can earn 100% passively or enjoy commission from the team-building referral systems.

The project allows users to build a team of NFTs and generate cash passively with no price floor necessary. Also, every new NFT brings 1% more daily income. So, the bigger the team, the higher the gains will be.

The NFT collection will feature 3,000 unique non-fungible token characters available on the BNB Chain. Each represents a potential passive income opportunity for holders. The Bandit Project may pay out a maximum of 15,000 BANDIT tokens every time it retires an NFT.

After they start producing passive revenue, users will have to choose a business model for their funds. For example, they can use one of the project’s several features, such as the Black Market, an internal decentralised exchange. Others include opening a Laundromat contract, staking, and selling their NFTs.

The $BANDIT Token

The Bandit Project will use the $BANDIT to run most of its operations. Token holders can earn passive income by minting NFTs, providing liquidity, and getting revenue shares from all project transactions. Heres a short presentation of the taxes that come with $BANDIT token transactions:

?        A 10% BUY and SELL tax, of which 4% will go to rewards, 2% to liquidity, 2% to growth fund, and 2% to the Bank.

?        The 10% CLAIM tax, out of which 8% will go to rewards and 2% will go to the Bank.

?        A 10% MINTING & NFT DEPOSITS tax, out of which 5% will go to upline members, 3% to the reward pool, and 2% to the Bank.

?        The 10% AIRDROPS & TRANSFERS tax, with all proceeds going to the reward pool.

?        A 5% COMPOUNDS tax will be split equally between upline members and the reward pool.

About The Bandit Project

The Bandit Project aims to bring innovation in NFT staking by allowing holders to earn passive income and own a part of the platform, as well. The project provides several ways to make an earning without being active, including a highly-rewarding referral system. For example, users can earn a commission from the earnings of each of the members they refer.

The public presale for the $BANDIT token is the next big step in the projects development. The event will take place on August 11 at 11 a.m. EST, and you can join here.

For more information about the Bandit Project, please follow the links below:

Website | Twitter | Telegram |Discord

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