The Rewards of Self Sufficiency

Self-sufficiency is the state of requiring little or no outside support to survive.  The term self-sufficiency normally refers to sustainable living, which is a lifestyle in which nothing is consumed other than what is produced by the self-sufficient family or individual.  There is a movement towards self-sufficiency in North America, with many families taking steps towards sustainable living.  The practice of consuming only homegrown foods and the trend towards organic clothing and gardening are forms of sustainable living and self-sufficiency.

People who practice self-sufficiency make a conscious effort to reduce the needs for purchased goods or services, and reduce the need for money in their lives.  While it is not practical to think we can live a life free from the need of money, there are steps you can take to reduce your need for money and begin providing your basic needs in a self-sufficient manner.  Those who practice self-sufficiency do many things for themselves such as sewing, gardening, constructing a home, and cooking.  The conscious decision to begin living a life of self-sufficiency is designed to improve your quality of life and reduce stress and financial worries.

Self-sufficiency will improve your relationships, the lives of your children, and bring basic family values into the forefront.  While money is not the major reason to practice this lifestyle, there are definite monetary benefits as well as the spiritual and psychological advantages.  While you may encounter some resistance from children and family members initially, the long-term benefits of self-sufficiency will become apparent and your family will be better off for the experience.  Self-sufficiency will give your family a solid foundation and instill integrity and a positive work ethic in your children.  Some soul-searching and insight are all you need to decide if you are ready to experience the benefits of self-sufficiency.

Good luck on your journey!!!

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