The Thyroid Place Has Announced The Opening of Their New Headquarter Orlando, FL

The Thyroid Place was founded on the evidence-based fact that the body can frequently heal itself with proper nutritional and lifestyle support. Functional Medicine is a cutting-edge discipline that delivers a successful way for individuals to harness their own healing process. Treatment is a new, effective, and more natural approach to Endocrine (Hormonal) problems in Orlando Florida.

Residents of Orlando, FL, as well as the entire state of Florida will be happy to hear that The Thyroid Place has opened a new facility in their neighborhood. Their unique approach to health is entirely different from what is currently offered by the conventional method.

Too often those dealing with Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid) continue to suffer from frustrating life-altering symptoms like:

Fatigue, Stubborn Weight Gain, Brain Fog, Irritability, Hair Loss, Brittle Nails, Cold Hands and Feet, High Cholesterol, Constipation, Anxiety, Palpitations, Infertility, and even Depression.

The Thyroid Place offers a successful and proven approach to reversing these issues for good.

What does The THYROID PLACE do?

Most people understand that prescription drugs are not designed to fix the real problem, but rather to handle the symptoms of a problem. Sort of a band-aid approach. Not that prescription drugs are not needed in certain circumstances its just that they certainly have their limitations and in some circumstances can contribute to more harm and a worsening health condition.

This situation that many dealing with hypothyroidism are in is no exception.

The thyroid is failing and no one is really looking for the cause of that problem. If the cause is not uncovered that individual will have a really hard time fixing the problem.

This is ultimately the reason many patients (before coming to us) continue to suffer despite taking thyroid hormones (levothyroxine, synthroid, armor thyroid, etc), having “normal” labs, and hearing their health care provider saying everything looks normal…blaming the pesky symptoms on menopause, genetics or the aging process, etc.

The problem is the #1 cause for low thyroid in America is rarely even checked for, much less treated…and it’s really troublesome because that #1 cause can be very serious and create other serious health matters.

Sadly, for most patients, their health care providers are only checking TSH. There are at least 9 markers that should make up a complete thyroid panel. Certainly, if a person continues to present with low thyroid symptoms the panel should be expanded.

The other markers are. Total T4, Free T4, Total T3, Free T3, Free Thyroxine Index, T3uptake, Reverse T3, TPO, and antithyroglobulin antibodies. Along with TSH that actually makes 10. Yet in many cases, only 1 of the 10 lab markers are run. The point is the answers to these persistent problems are found there.

There are numerous potential causes of low thyroid. There are at least 20 different patterns that could be causing the disorder we call Hypothyroidism. Things like under conversion, thyroid resistance, over conversion, pituitary problems, and numerous other metabolic conditions that could be causing symptoms EVEN WHEN TSH IS NORMAL.


This is one of the reasons that people who suffer from just about every low thyroid symptom in the book often go undiagnosed even though they know something is wrong with their thyroid and their metabolism. It’s because many health care practitioners are only running TSH…so they are missing the diagnosis, they are missing the cause.

The second thing is that there are, as mentioned, numerous other disorders that can mimic the symptoms of low thyroid. So a person may present with low thyroid symptoms and only cursory lab work is run and low thyroid is ruled out with no other answers as to what could be causing the problem.

This becomes a problem for patients because ultimately they continue to suffer from symptoms…and as they continue to suffer from symptoms they continue to report these symptoms to their doctor. This often creates a situation where the doctor will prescribe more drugs to suppress the symptoms.

Frequently there are patients who first started taking thyroid hormones and now they are taking a sleeping pill, an anti-depressant, a drug for anxiety, or one for high blood pressure and high cholesterol…situations like this can frequently begin to spiral out of control.

The point is this…the diagnosis has to be comprehensive. A comprehensive diagnosis will often lead to appropriate treatment and the patient getting better.

The third thing is this…health care providers are often using the lab ranges of TSH to evaluate the effectiveness of thyroid hormone replacement. Here is the problem. The lab range is created by taking a statistical average of the population in the region of the lab. It’s basically a statistical analysis, a bell-curve analysis. Really not much more sophisticated than that.

The problem with this is that the lab ranges are very broad. So what happens is the upper range might be 5.5 and the patient’s lab values come back at 4.8. so they are thought to be fine despite continual symptoms. The Endocrine Society a while back set the range for TSH at 1.8 to 3.0. So in this example, the patient with a 4.8 is within the lab range but above 3.0. Ultimately for many of these patients treatment is never adjusted because they are using less sensitive lab ranges.

The first step for those wishing to receive care and become part of The Thyroid Place family is to go through a panel that includes ALL thyroid markers and the known contributors to thyroid disease to have a complete diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan for each individual.

Services and Products:

World-class Functional and integrative Medicine

National Functional and Nutritional Health Coaching

Functional and Specialized Testing (Thyroid, Metabolic, Hormones, Gut, Immune, Cognitive, Mold, Inflammation, Food Sensitivities, etc.)

Cutting-edge health technologies like:

FDA Cleared Weight Reduction Laser Therapy

Hair Regeneration Therapies

Thyroid Healing Interventions

Fully Personalized Nutritional Solutions

BioFeedback/Mindfulness Training

For a limited time, The Thyroid Place will offer complimentary consultations for those motivated to heal.

Contact Info:
Name: Dr Ruben Valdes
Email: Send Email
Organization: The Thyroid Place
Address: 3101 Maguire Blvd. Suite 101, Orlando, Florida 32803, United States

Release ID: 89079065

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