Top Travel Destinations for People Who Love Animals

Are you crazy about the animal kingdom or just an adventurer? If you love animals and travel, then this article is for you. This list features all the best animal lover vacation spots from around the world! Whether you want to cuddle with deer in Japan, or mingle with elephants in Africa, befriend monkeys, or swim with adorable pigs in the Bahamas, here’s our list of the best vacation spots for animal lovers.

1. Relax with a cheetah at the Cheetah Outreach in South Africa

If you like bigger kittens, check out the Cheetah Outreach Volunteer Program in South Africa. The organisation works to raise awareness and promote the survival of gorgeous endangered cats at their huge outreach centre, where they sometimes even breed more beautiful animals. Not only is this a great place to visit. The centre also welcomes volunteers from all over the world who are invited to work and enrich the lives of the large kittens that live on site. 

2. Chat with deer, Nara Park, Japan

If you’ve always thought of deer as shy creatures, you’ll change your mind after a trip to Nara Park in Japan. The park is home to over a thousand free-roaming deer that are not only friendly but also love to be fed by the park’s guests.

3. Meet Philippine Tarsiers at the Wildlife Sanctuary

This adorable primate lives in the Philippines and can be found in the Corella Wildlife Sanctuary. Tiny primates are incredibly shy, so the staff is always on hand at the sanctuary so that small pets are not embarrassed by guests. Everything here is created to make the animals feel at home.

4. Swim with the coolest pigs in the Bahamas

While you will most likely never eat bacon again after this, the Bahamas Floating Pig Island is without a doubt the coolest spot for animal lovers. A beach where communities of adorable swimming pigs love to hit the waves and mingle with tourists!

5. Rabbit Paradise in Ōkunoshima, Japan

If you are a rabbit lover, you just have to see Okunoshima, Japan. A true rabbit paradise, Okunoshima is an island where rabbits are as plentiful as pigeons. Hunting and dogs are illegal here.

6. SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary in South America

Want to see the beautiful creatures that call South Africa home? Sanwild Wildlife is a non-profit animal rehabilitation centre that accepts injured, orphaned or sick animals and gives them a safe place to recover before returning to the wild. They even have campgrounds for overnight visitors if you want to spend the night listening to the calls of the wildlife.

7. Relax with camels at the Pushkar Camel Fair

Check out the Pushkar Camel Fair, held every November in Pushkar, India. Every year over 11,000 camels, horses and cattle appear to enjoy the festival. Camels are adorned with gorgeous camel clothing, hoping to win the annual camel beauty contest.

8. Joshinetsu Kogen (Jigokudani) Snow Monkey Park in Japan National Park

The greenhouse springs in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, in Japan, do not have more fans than the large colonies of Japanese macaques or snow monkeys that visit them every evening. You see, the little guys feel like there is no better way to unwind after a long day than to take a dip in one of the park’s many natural hot tubs. The little ones don’t even mind if visitors sneak a glance at them as they relax in the streams before heading out into the woods to hunt.

9. Meet the happiest monkeys in the world at Thailand’s annual Monkey Festival

If you are crazy about monkeys, then you just have to attend the annual monkey festival in Thailand’s Lopburi province! The area is home to thousands of monkeys who are treated like royalty every year with a huge festival where they dine on fruits, vegetables, and whatever else their little hearts desire. In addition, there is also a lot of music, dancing, games and monkey costumes!

10. Splashes and emotions with whales in Sydney

The largest animals in the world – whales – periodically rise from the depths of the sea to take a breath and hide again in the depths. Thousands of tourists try to see and photograph this moment. One of the best places for whale watching in Australia. Don’t miss it. 

11. Spoil pandas at the Bifengxia Panda Base in China

Would it be great to hang out with giant pandas all day? You can make your dream come true through the Panda Volunteer Program at Bifengxia Panda China. For a small fee, you can volunteer and help the staff take care of a group of the biggest bears in the country. Plus, pandas are some of the friendliest animals in the world.

12. Ponies on an island called Chincoteague, Virginia

Explore the magical island of Chincoteague, where herds of stunning wild ponies have roamed freely for hundreds of years. If you are a horse lover, you can enjoy their beauty by visiting the island.


A person who has chosen to live in a metropolis most likely likes the rhythm of a big city. But even the most desperate urbanism is sometimes drawn to pause, exhale and gain strength for the further journey. Communication with nature is a suitable source of inspiration.

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