With a combination of creatively driven talent, live-shot storytelling styles, and access to the latest technology, Twisted Frame creates and markets valuable business stories.

Twisted Frame, a leading video production agency, has over ten years of experience in Video Production Services that drive real results. 

Twisted Frame

California – July 23rd, 2022 – Video production is not something that a person can just figure out how to do on their laptop. Many try and many fail. Truly professional video production should be left to the experts to ensure a hassle-free process and quality results. Twisted Frame, a leading video production agency, has over ten years of experience in Video Production Services that drive real results.  

“A video is meant to communicate a message from your brand to the consumer. Right from writing a relatable script to editing the video, every stage of video-making contributes to how simple or complicated the message will be for any viewer.”, said Onur Arslan, Team Manager at Twisted Frame Video Production Toronto, “Whether you need production or post-production video services, video editing services, video color correction services, VFX and compositing services, branding and identity videos, animation or motion graphics, the minds behind Twisted Frame deliver your message with passion, excitement, and results.”

While watching a video, a person is of course seeing and hearing. Two senses are completely in action. The text gives rise to the third sense of absorbing. A text line of -up to 50% off- re-emphasizes what the visual and audio are already saying, and helps store the idea in memory for a longer duration.  

While many may think that it’s mainly the job of the writer and campaign creator to slice up the brand brief and dive into their objectives. This understanding is equally important for editors. It’s crucial to understand what ultimately is the brand trying to communicate to its target audience to be able to cut a beautiful and impactful video.  

Twisted Frame has a talented, professional team of storytellers who hone the power of video to create an experience that resonates through the hype by turning moments into memories. All it takes from them is an idea to begin to feel the magic of the video production experience. With years of experience, passion, and powerful tools, they know for sure how to leave a lasting impression. They are proud to offer some of the most creative, cost-effective, high-quality production and post-production services available.

Remarkably, Twisted Frame Video Editing Toronto is a diverse studio comprised of strategists, artists, designers, writers, craftsmen, engineers, and all-around thinkers and doers who have years of experience in broadcast, video, and motion design, visual effects, editing, and web packaging. They are there to bring a human lens to content production to find a brand’s story and share it with the world – while driving its audience towards the purchasing path. They have the experience and expertise to help create stunning videos that will impress a targeted audience.

About Twisted Frame 

Twisted Frame is an award-winning video production company in Toronto that connects customers with a product, services, and brands. The team of experienced professionals believes innovation occurs when creativity is designed to address consumers’ needs. Through their years of working on diverse brands and genres, they have been key makers in crafting original, coherent, and value-driven corporate video production solutions. At Twisted Frame, they strive to create and market truly valuable business stories with a combination of – creatively driven talent, live-shot and animated storytelling styles, and access to the latest technology.

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Country: Canada
Website: https://www.twistedframe.ca/

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