is the First AI Writer Not Detectable by AI Content Detectors., the leading provider of AI-powered solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary Blog Assistant.

The Nostradamus team has launched their new app, an AI-content writer based on GPT-3, the latest natural language processing technology. It allows users to write long-form SEO blogs 20x faster than traditional methods. And it is the first ai-writer not detectable with AI-content detectors, generating long-form SEO articles in minutes.

“This is a game changer in the field of AI writers,” said Nostradamus CEO Dusan Korcak. “Blog Assistant is generating long-form SEO blogs that are not detectable by the majority of AI-content detectors currently available on the market.”

Nostradamus marketing team put together a list of the main features that Blog Assistant AI-writer provides to its users:

–  Simple to use tool reducing article writing time by about 95%
–  Generated articles not-detectable by AI-content detectors
–  Keywords generation for more accurate content
–  Generate articles with length up to 4,000 words in a few clicks
–  Multiple revisions of the same blog to get optimal output
–  Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing without credits expiration

“AI content non-detectable by detectors is a must-have feature,” Dusan continues, “considering that Google and other leading platforms could potentially begin to penalize or block AI-generated material in the near future. Why would anyone take a chance of being blocked from search engine optimization and platforms due to AI-generated content if there is an option to take preventive steps? “

How are AI writers helping bloggers and content creators?

When asked the main reasons to use AI writers, Dusan says,” well, crafting an ordinary 2,500-word article or blog post from the ground up typically takes an average of 6 to 10 hours for the average author. This implies that a conventional blogger who needs to publish 3 SEO blog posts per week will spend between 18 and 30 hours or more typing. This is a tremendous amount of time devoted to content creation, and it is not practicable for many content marketers, so they usually look for the services of freelance writers. But this can be costly.. Using AI writing tools, content marketers and agencies can save time and money since these solutions can generate thousands of relevant SEO-optimized words in just a few minutes. So it is crystal clear that it is sensible for content marketers and publishers to use AI writing tools. Blog Assistant, for example, has already helped more than 2,500 customers to save over 12 years of writing time!”

What are the benefits and how does it work?

The easy solution for blog writing is the ideal choice for busy bloggers who want to produce top-notch SEO content in a timely manner. Their AI-resistant content creation tool allows people to create content that can’t be identified by AI-based detector checkers but still fulfills the most stringent SEO requirements. The content is unique, captivating, and keyword-rich and can be ready in just a few minutes! Take the lead over the competition and create better content faster with content writer, first blog is for free.


In conclusion, content writer provides a powerful and effective solution for busy bloggers who need to generate high-quality SEO content quickly. With its AI-proof content generator, anyone can create original, keyword-rich content that AI-content detectors won’t detect and yet still meets the highest standards for SEO. So, if anyone is looking for an effective and efficient way to create content faster and get ahead of the competition, content writer is a perfect choice.

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