Brandon Fugal Gives Revealing New Interview about Skinwalker Ranch

“There have been a number of TV Film crew members who have refused to come back on the Ranch.” ~ Brandon Fugal

Salt Lake City-based realty icon Brandon Fugal, the owner of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Northeastern Utah, has gone on the record in an interview with Cristina Gomez for with new revelations about what’s been going on since filming ended of the latest season of the History Channel’s hit reality TV show, ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.’

The show’s third season has been received with intense public interest and record viewer numbers following several independent documentaries that all recounted Fugal’s bold move purchasing the disturbing property that’s been described as the ‘most investigated paranormal hotspot on the planet’, in 2016.

Fugal revealed that since he purchased the property from Robert Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Aerospace, he’s invited Bigelow back there on a few occasions, “I’ve offered Bob Bigelow the opportunity to come out to the Ranch, as well as several of the people who served on the Ranch prior to my acquisition, and they’ve not only refused, but have been adamant that they have no desire to set foot on that property again.” 

Robert Bigelow owned the property for twenty years, and during that time he formed a scientific research team that took part in a confidential Government-funded study of the ranch’s UFO and paranormal mysteries. Whatever they experienced and documented was so intense that they’ll never go back.

“We have seen some surprising evidence and events captured that we didn’t have the opportunity to really present this last season,” Fugal said of his team’s research. “There are a lot of experiences, even disturbing appearances, that we haven’t revealed, we don’t report on, that frankly is not appropriate for the docu-series. There are certain events that occur, certain experiences that people have had, that the History Channel believes to be either inappropriate – or maybe inappropriate is not the right term, that they are just not comfortable with it being presented.”

Fugal spoke candidly about his interests when recounting the time he purchased the property, characterizing that from an early age, he’d been fascinated with such mysteries as the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth, and many aspects of the paranormal.

When asked about an intelligent intention as a source behind the mysteries there and throughout the Uintah Basin, Fugal responded, “Consciousness definitely plays a key role in what is occurring on the property. We are also dealing with entities and phenomena that are definitely a few steps ahead of us. We are not in control. That is clear. The forces we are dealing with have command over spacetime, over the environment in a way that is unexplained, that is baffling and disturbing. We truly are dealing with advanced physics.”

“As for the Hitchhiker Effect, it’s something that we have been tracking closely,” he said, speaking of one of the more terrifying aspects of the paranormal activity at the ranch. “As far as the impact on not only our team members, but 3rd party experts and participants. It was reported with the previous team – with Bigelow’s team, that they would have Hitchhikers, or Entities follow them home, sometimes to the other side of the country. These are former Military Officers, or Battle Hardened Veterans that have served our country that ended up being acosted in their own homes, and having their families terrorized by what can only be described as, in some cases, Poltergeist-like behavior, or events, and other dark forces that would descend upon them that would really disturb them and their home environment.” 

The exclusive interview is part of an online series aimed at answering questions that many have asked about the mysteries of Skinwalker Ranch, with other guests such as retired Navajo Ranger Jonathan Dover, who appeared in Season 3, and ranch superintendent Thomas Winterton.

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