Business Strategist and Coach Beverly JoLynn Crombie Shares the Cost of Indecision and the Power of Commitment

Creating the life one has always desired starts with fully committing to the goal and a commitment to the actions required to achieve those goals will naturally follow. International Business Development Coach and Leadership Mindset Mentor Beverly JoLynn Crombie helps online coaches and entrepreneurs around the globe commit to strategies for growth and future success.

Business Strategist and Leadership Mindset Coach Beverly JoLynn Crombie invites entrepreneurs to consider the statement, “I am 95% committed.” Realistically, 95 percent is great for a lot of things. As a test score, approval rating, or engagement level, it’s stellar. However, when it comes to committing to one’s business, 95 percent leaves something lacking.

“It sounds promising — hopeful and optimistic,” Beverly said. “But it still isn’t a yes or a no, and that five percent will stop you from moving either forward or back. It keeps you at a full stop. In limbo. Chaos.”

Many people lose sight of their vision while mired in the midst of day-to-day chaos. Losing focus on the future often means not utilizing support networks, resources, prior successes, and long-term dreams to their fullest potential. Beverly coaches clients to fully commit to their efforts, giving 100 percent of themselves so they can reap the full rewards.

Overcoming the final five percent

According to Beverly, overcoming the doubts and hesitation to commit 100 percent to decisions can be the difference between “really living and living not quite so much.” Giving full dedication is the first step in getting into the leadership mindset and preparing a business for future success and growth.

“How does ‘I’m 95% off the tracks” sound?’ How many vegetables would you grow in your garden if you only came 95% close to planting them?” How many times did you miss a hot sales deal because you were 95% going to make the phone call?  Beverly goes even more personal and asks: “How long would, ‘I’m 95% sure I want to spend forever with you’ work for you? The five percent between almost there and all in is crazy powerful.”

Powerful enough, Beverly maintains, to keep a person from becoming everything they were meant to be.


“Go all in. Every single day.”

Beverly teaches proven business strategy to online coaches and entrepreneurs.  She mentors them to go all in and fully commit themselves to the vision, strategy and intentional, aligned actions to achieve their goals.  

“I know you can’t decide, and it’s scary. There’s so much unknown,” Beverly said. “But I am compelled to tell you your five percent of indecision will cost you. It costs everyone around you. The truth is, sometimes you find out whether you were supposed to do something by doing it. Go all in. Every single day.”


To learn more about Beverly JoLynn Crombie and her business coaching services, connect through social media on Facebook and inquire about membership to her group, Leadership Mindset and Strategy for 7-Figure Entrepreneurs.

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