CD BioSciences Developed Genomic Monitoring and Analysis Based on Drosophila Research Projects

CD BioSciences announced the release of its drosophila genome services with comprehensive integrated genomics solutions.

New York, USA – January 5, 2023 – CD BioSciences drosophila center focuses on micro-injection, genome editing, cell engineering, genetics, metabolism, neurobiology and other fields. CD BioSciences with years of experience offers a range of high-quality Drosophila-based services and products, which can be used in various applications which help clients to gain unprecedented insight, discover drug targets and answer complex biological questions. Recently, CD BioSciences announced the release of its drosophila genome services with comprehensive integrated genomics solutions.

CD BioSciences provides whole genome sequencing services and phylogenetic analysis for a variety of insects. Based on years of experience in insect research, short-read sequencing and mid-length read assembly and annotation algorithms were developed to address insect species with reference genomes and lack of annotation references. CD BioSciences offers comprehensive solutions for whole-genome sequencing of a wide variety of insects, including pests, resource insects, invasive insects, social insects, and more.

CD BioSciences provides efficient exome sequencing services and technical support for Drosophila (or other model insects) through next-generation sequencing platforms and extensive sequencing libraries. CD BioSciences is committed to developing insect genome research technologies, providing high-quality (whole) exome targeted sequencing technology and analysis services to mine mutation sites and predict related gene pathways.

Drosophila has only four pairs of chromosomes, including three pairs of autosomes and a pair of sex chromosomes with highly repetitive sequences. Therefore, it is a model organism for studying epigenetics and chromatin dynamics. CD BioSciences offers a broad range of molecular genetics solutions to reveal the interactions between chromatin and non-coding RNA and proteins in cell lines and in vivo tissues.

CD BioSciences not only uses Drosophila to study the structure, function and genetic characteristics of mitochondria, but also uses Drosophila gene mutants to help customers discover the mechanism of multiple system dysfunction diseases caused by mitochondrial variation, including neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.) Merger and Huntington’s disease), cardiovascular disease, cancer and the aging process. CD BioSciences provides a total solution for mitochondrial genome (Mt genome) sequencing and analysis through Illumina and PacBio platforms.

“We offer a wide range of services and products covering the entire process of using appropriate and efficient gateways,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of CD BioSciences. She also added, “We have successfully completed several Drosophila-based research projects based on our proprietary platform, and our team is capable to provide customized solutions for any specific need.”

About CD BioSciences

With a mission to provide high-quality and affordable Drosophila products and services, CD BioSciences with a team of experienced experts develops solutions by precise genetic modification of Drosophila as humanized models, as well as diverse phenotypes analysis for fundamental research and drug discovery.

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