CORE Chiropractic Featured on Great Day Houston

CORE Chiropractic was a special guest on the Great Day Houston show to talk about how patients benefit from their non-invasive pain relief program.

The faces behind the best Houston chiropractor, CORE Chiropractic, have just been featured on the TV show Great Day Houston. Drs. Natalie and Philip Cordova were on Great Day Houston to discuss the benefits of chiropractic care and why one should have an x-ray prior to starting treatment.

The doctors discussed how they stumbled into chiropractic care early in life. According to Dr. Philip, he was heavily involved in martial arts back in school. His back gave out during practice one day and all the solutions proffered by the hospital he visited did not work. It wasn’t until his dad took him to see a chiropractor that he finally found relief. As for Dr. Natalie, her mom’s chiropractor helped her cure the leg-numbing sensation she always felt when riding a bike. 

Speaking on how the practice helps in relieving pain for its patients, Dr. Natalie says, “We get to the root of the cause by addressing the structural issues why they have been misaligned. Irrespective of whether it’s caused by trauma, falls, or bad posture, we address that and by putting it back in the right alignment, we get the body to function the way it’s meant to be.”


Dr. Natalie then talks about how the name CORE Chiropractic came to be. In her words, “A part of that is because of our names – The Cordovas. We also like it because the core of the problems tends to be from the spine and so if we can address the core issues and strengthen the core of the body, then everything gets better.” 

When asked why chiropractic medicine should be people’s first port of call, both doctors opined that getting in early and adopting their preventive measures will save one in the long run. According to Dr. Natalie, “People come to us after they have tried all other options and nothing else works. In the case of an inflammation, people take pills to either mask the pain or get the muscle to relax. But why is it inflamed in the beginning? Our approach is to find out why you are inflamed and out of place before we proceed to address and correct it.”


CORE Chiropractic has been in business for 26 years and has earned a huge amount of positive reviews from its clients. This feat is one aspect of the practice that the doctors are particularly proud of. As Dr. Phillip puts it, “We are very proud of that. It’s something that we are always concerned about, making sure that our patients have a really good experience at CORE Chiropractic.”    

CORE Chiropractic were recent winners of the Best Chiropractor award from the Houston Chronicle. The Houston chiropractor team currently operates out of two locations in the Galleria area and Energy Corridor.  

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