Creta Announces Creta Summit 2022 Web3 Event in Tokyo, Japan

 Creta, the metaverse gaming platform built with an application of the cutting-edge blockchain technology Locus Chain, today announced the details and speaker line-up of its Creta Summit 2022 Web3 event. The conference takes place at 18.00 JST (04.00 EST) in Tokyo, Japan, on 12th December 2022 and brings together company leadership, gaming executives, and media representatives to discuss the latest progress made by Creta in developing its products.


The event will showcase the upcoming Web3 gaming platform accompanied with a real time demo of the new franchise version of the world-acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series with much more updated graphic quality, battle system, and level design. Event attendees will also witness Creta’s progress in building the metaverse and the flagship gaming and community platforms, culminating with Soprano Jiyoung Hong and the gig performed by the Japanese rock duo KAO=S implying Creta to lead the transition of the traditional Web2 to the revolutionary Web3.


After months of active development, Bloom Technology, a parent company of Locus Chain, has released a game build on Steam that leverages the potential of the technology. Powered by Locus Chain’s GameChain, a blockchain explicitly built for Web3 games, Kingdom Under Fire is the first video game title that will make use of this technology. As the first gaming company in the ecosystem of Locus Chain, Creta will continue to develop and produce the game until its final release. The upcoming event will feature the footage of KUF, which is expected to go into public beta in a year. 


More than 100 leaders of both blockchain and game industry worldwide are planning to attend Creta Summit 2022 to learn about what Creta has achieved in building Web3 products and build strategic partnerships. Currently, Creta is listed on and MEXC Global.


About Creta


Creta is building the Web3 gaming platform, featuring the metaverse, blockchain games, and a suite of solutions for Web3 gaming with the mission to create and publish entertaining content with sustainable business models.

The company is run by the development team of the acclaimed video game franchise Kingdom Under Fire and other notable games that gained particular momentum in the Korean market and is supported by veterans from both blockchain and video game industries, such as Yield Games Guild Japan, and Yoshiki Okamoto, an award-winning game designer behind Monster Strike.

Creta has offices in South Korea, Japan, Dubai, and Armenia and is advised by a global network of blockchain partners and associations.


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