Crowd Control 2.0 Brings Revolutionary Live-Streaming Interactivity Solution to YouTube, TikTok, Discord, and Facebook Gaming

Crowd Control the app that bridges the gap between the creator economy and the global games market is now available for creators everywhere.

Crowd Control, the app that bridges the gap between the creator economy and the global games market, has announced the release of Crowd Control 2.0. The new version will expand beyond Twitch and include anywhere that creators create live content. Crowd Control empowers game developers by improving the replayability and longevity of their games while enabling creators to make highly interactive content. The 2.0 launch includes exciting integrated partnerships with SAMMI Solutions and Polypop with more on the way.

For developers, Crowd Control is a game-changer, offering a no-cost, no-hassle tool in the developer toolbox. Integration is as easy as CTRL+C and CTRL+V, making it simple to extend the long tail and overall lifespan of games. With Crowd Control, developers can eliminate frontend and backend development time for live streaming integration, including extensions, overlays, user management, payment processing, refunds, channel points, free redemptions, and more. Additionally, Crowd Control handles all server communication and user support, freeing up developers to focus on what matters most: building great games.

Crowd Control also provides a growing network of over 75,000 live creators, who can discover new games and bring endless replayability to existing titles. The app currently supports over 100 games, making it easier for creators to incorporate interactivity into their live streams.

One-click setup makes it easy to get started, and Crowd Control provides consistent feature enhancement updates based on years of research and experience with interactive streaming. Integration with other streaming software is also available through Crowd Control’s developer portal, and the solution has proven scalability and durability for large-scale events.

“We are thrilled to bring Crowd Control 2.0 to the market,” said Matthew “Jaku” Jakubowski, CEO of Crowd Control. “Our revolutionary technology has already helped game developers and content creators alike, and this new version expands its reach to even more creators. We’re excited to see the continued impact that Crowd Control has on the creator economy and gaming industry.”

For content creators, Crowd Control is an app that allows viewers to interact with the games they play in real-time. With endless replayability, creators can increase engagement and build a community around their content. With a one-click setup, creators can easily get started, and Crowd Control provides hands-on support to ensure a seamless experience.

“It truly is unique in the way it allows creators to give control to their audience over their content. By allowing your viewers to become stakeholders in what you are doing with Crowd Control, it invites them to become almost collaborators to your content,” said Kelsey C., Twitch

Partner who goes by Kelpsey on Twitch. “Viewers feel a sense of ownership when it was that effect that made whatever chaos happen, and that’s a thrill that’s unique on its own.”

Crowd Control is excited to continue its mission of bringing revolutionary interactivity to the creator and gaming industries with the release of Crowd Control 2.0.

About Crowd Control

Crowd Control is an interactive application for live content creators that allows their viewers to interact with the games they play in real-time. Crowd Control supports over 100 games, both retro and modern; has been installed by over 75,000 streamers and has enabled live creators to raise over $2.0 MM USD for charity. For more information on Crowd Control and to download the app, visit

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