EarnGold launches: a new way for ordinary people to share huge advertising revenue

Berlin, Germany – August 31, 2022 – EarnGold – an e-commerce campany that aims to provide every ordinary person with just a click on a mobile phone to participate in the business activities of large enterprises and share advertising profits – is pleased to announce today, In just one week after the website was launched, the number of officially registered members has exceeded 10,000. This shows that the business model has been successfully verified and made waves. At present, registered members have spread across most Asian, European countries.

EarnGold’s goal is to gather a large number of ordinary people  to participate in business promotion activities usually undertaken by large advertising companies, such as click-to-share on advertising pages, commodity market research, etc. The resulting profits are shared 50/50 by EarnGold and registered members. Members earn an income ranging from $15-200 per week and can apply for cash withdrawals in an unlimited amount 24 hours a day to pay for online shopping or just travel bills.

“We have provided dozens of different business activities for participation according to different membership levels, and also opened a channel for recommending members to share commissions. In the future, as the business scale continues to expand, more business forms will be launched one after another.’ EarnGold Says.

How to join EarnGold business

To start the EarnGold business is simple, follow these steps:

step 1, start the mobile browser and select the EarnGold website (people can only join using a referral link now, please contact the customer telegram if necessary)

Step 2, complete the account opening form by entering your name, email, telegram number and password etc.

step 3, submit the application for review. After approval start earning commission at any time

About the EarnGold Team

An online enterprise registered in Berlin, Germany, the team members have experience in the e-commerce market and have extensive contacts with the business departments of many Fortune 500 companies.

The idea behind it comes from the fact that the whole world is in lockdown during the pandemic, and many normal business activities stopped. A large number of ordinary people desperately need a low-threshold way to earn additional income online, and it is an opportunity that the EarnGold team is looking to explore.

EarnGold’s focus is to attract ordinary people with at least one mobile phone and a strong desire to make money, the team is working hard to upload more and more business opportunities on the EarnGold website. any one of these people can invite family members or friends around to join and earn commissions together.

Media Contact
Company Name: Earngold
Contact Person: Raymond Liang
Email: Send Email
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Website: earngold.win

Source: Financial Content

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