First 20-year-old billionaire sets his sights on global domination while staying grounded

Gavin, who makes history as the first 20-year-old billionaire, is redefining the definition of success. He says success is not about getting a college degree but about knowing your purpose and shooting for the stars.

Gavin T. is headed to take the global spotlight as the first 20-year-old billionaire making headway in the real estate industry and drawing significant noise on social media.

Gavin owns a real estate investment firm leading the pack as one of West Texas’ fastest-growing real estate companies. The Real Salt Don has made $123 million in sales in 2021 and is poised to hit $500 million this year.

The 20-year-old billionaire, credited for his determination and employing a game-changing business plan, has redefined the industry while at the same time inspiring a lot of young entrepreneurs looking to thrive in their respective industries. 

“It’s pretty stressful stuff, but it’s incredibly rewarding. At 19, I was already making waves in the global real estate industry, buying all the buildings up in Miami, Austin, Dallas, New York City, and pretty much everywhere,” shares Gavin.

Gavin says his company is looking to employ more people who can help the company towards expanded growth.

Currently, the company has 87 employees and is looking to increase the number to about 500 as it bats for expansion while at the same time helping people get into jobs that pay well.

“We want the youth to know that earning a college degree or entering the military are not the only ways out. That’s good that they get to serve the country. In fact, I was going to the military as well but got in trouble when I was a kid,” shares Gavin.


However, more than these things, Gavin says success is about knowing what you want and shooting for the stars, whatever happens.

“What society says you need to do is not really what you need. You can choose your own path in life and make tons of money. You got to market and promote – that’s how you get to the top, that’s how you become successful in life and be able to get ahead,” says Gavin.

Since his shot to fame as a 20-year-old billionaire who leads a company that was able to earn over $100 million in just a year, Gavin said he learned many things about passion, perseverance, and being wise.

“The thing is, you get to watch who’s around you. When you get that amount of money, you also have to brace yourself. It’s like a shock wave that hits you,” he said.

When Gavin started about a year and a half ago, the young entrepreneur recalled that his first paycheck was about $4,000 and was shocked at the amount of money he was earning. 


“I was like, how can I implement this and take it to the next level? So, I came up with a business plan. My business model remains untouched, which kept me ahead of the game. Many people would ask me how I did it, and I always tell them that the route to success is about having a great business plan,” says Gavin.

Those who want to collaborate with Gavin and The Real Salt Don may send a direct message right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about the 20-year-old billionaire may follow him on Instagram through

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