Five Stars for Keeping the Lights on Downtown in America’s Small Cities

FORT WORTH, TX, August 8, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — In their new book, Keeping the Lights on Downtown in America’s Small Cities, authors Ron Sturgeon and Gregory Smith identify common problems and offer real-world solutions for reversing decline in America’s inner cities.

The book has garnered praise from community and business leaders and boasts five stars on According to one reviewer, “Many of the struggles outlined in this book are encountered every day in every city across America by entrepreneurs… If you are an entrepreneur or a member of a town board or city council, this book is a must read.”

Adds another, “As a business person, developer, and investor it’s extremely refreshing to get a chance to see things laid out this way with easy-to-follow logic. Gregory and Ron have done an exceptional job in conveying the very real issues that face investors as we make decisions with millions of dollars of capital at stake.”

Ron Sturgeon is a successful businessman who witnessed firsthand the decades-long decline of certain areas in his hometown of Haltom City, Texas. His experience is not unique. Writes one reviewer, “I have watched my hometown struggle to survive over decades. While I have fond memories of a vibrant community from my youth in the 1960’s it is particularly sad to see it almost is all gone. This book gives great advice on strategies that can work to restore such communities … a must read for elected officials and political hopefuls in those communities where redevelopment is a much-needed goal.”

Motivated by a desire to help and frustrated by the unwillingness of Haltom City leadership to address the issue of ongoing decline in certain neighborhoods, Sturgeon founded the Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA), a grassroots organization that represents existing business owners and advocates for much-needed change in Haltom City. His newly published and well-researched book is an extension of that advocacy, pointing out common problems and highlighting policies that will foster revitalization and growth in cities across the country. Says one reviewer “Finally, a book that lays out step by step how cities can revitalize themselves by working with the business community, with a common goal of making their communities thrive. Too many times nowadays it seems like businesses and the city are at war with each other. I’ve seen similar concepts have miraculous results in the non-profit arena… I’m buying additional copies for everyone on my City Council. This should be mandatory reading for all elected officials!”

Keeping the Lights on Downtown in America’s Small Cities is available at “This book explains many of the reasons for lack of development in poorly run small towns and how the council can help promote business development to benefit all citizens by making it easier for business to build and grow through less restrictions instead of more. I highly recommend!”

About Haltom United Business Alliance (HUBA)
HUBA represents business interests in Haltom City and advocates for much-needed change, including revision of the outdated and restrictive use matrix that discourages new business and deters growth. HUBA believes that Haltom City should prioritize development of inner-city land and vacant buildings, particularly in the major corridors close to the city’s center, in order to create a stronger tax base and enhance quality of life. All Haltom City business owners are eligible to join HUBA. Dues are $20 annually or $50 for a lifetime membership, and membership is 100% confidential. For more information, contact Joe Palmer by phone at (682) 310-0591 or email at [email protected], or visit the group’s Facebook page.

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