Hanna Jaff and Francisco de Borja Queipo

Hanna Jaff and Francisco de Borja Queipo: A private union in Madrid and Mexico City

In September 2022, Hanna Jaff, a Mexican-American, and Francisco de Borja Queipo, the Marquess of Guadiaro in Spain, got married in a civil ceremony in Madrid. They also had a religious ceremony in February 2023 in Mexico City, which was officiated by Archbishop Carlos Garfias Merlos. The couple has decided to keep their private ceremony confidential and has not shared any photographs of it.

Hanna Jaff and Francisco de Borja Queipo

Borja Queipo, the Marquess of Guadiaro in Spain and a Knight of the Royal Maestranza of Cavalry of Granada, was born in Madrid on December 10, 1987. He is the firstborn and heir of His Grace Lord Francisco de Borja Queipo de Llano Fernández de Villavicencio (1956), who is the Grandee of Spain, Count of Toreno, and the current head of the Queipo family, a noble lineage. Borja Queipo’s mother, Macarena Campomanes, is a world and European amateur golf champion. His grandfather was the governor of Navarra, his great-grandfather was the Mayor of Madrid and the Prime Minister of Spain, and his second great-grandmother was the Princess of Anglona of the Borja Family, also known as Borgia. The Queipo family has a rich history of noble seats, politicians, religious leaders, diplomats, military leaders, and businessmen in Spanish history since the early 1200s.

Borja Queipo works for InBest real estate, a real estate fund worth billions of dollars in Spain and Portugal, which was founded by his stepfather, Javier Basagoiti Miranda, in 2008. He pursued his education at the Universities of Greenwich and later studied at Oxford and the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK. Before that, he attended Loretto School, a boarding school in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jaff and Excmo. Don Francisco de Borja Queipo met each other six years before their marriage at a gala event in Switzerland. They currently split their time between their homes in San Diego and Madrid.

Borja Queipo, who holds the Spanish noble title of Grandee of Spain (similar to a Duke in the UK), is also a Marquess. By marrying him, Hanna Jaff has become The Most Excellent Marchioness of Guadiaro or Lady Hanna. She is entitled to be addressed as Your Grace or Excellency, and can also be referred to as My Lady.

Hanna Jaff, who was born on November 4, 1986, is now a Marchioness and will eventually inherit the title of Countess. She has Mexican-Kurdish roots and is a well-known television personality, politician, philanthropist, conference speaker, human rights activist, and author. Jaff has obtained a Master’s Degree in Arts, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and minors in Political Science and Criminal Justice from prestigious universities like National University (California), Harvard University, Columbia University, Tecnológico de Monterrey (Campus Monterrey), and La Sorbonne (University of Paris).

Hanna, Marchioness of Guadiaro, has previously served as a politician for the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Mexico from 2013 to 2018. Aside from her political career, she is also known for being a philanthropist and the founder of the Jaff Foundation for Education, a non-profit organization that was established on June 4, 2013. Through the foundation, she has organized more than 180 charity events across the globe, benefiting over 120,000 people. Additionally, she has launched the We Are One Campaign clothing line to support victims of war in the Middle East.

Hanna Jaff is a frequent speaker, having given presentations at more than 70 universities, schools, and institutions globally, as well as three Tedx events. She authored a self-taught English language learning book for Spanish speakers and translated it into Purepecha, Kurdish, and Dari.

In June 2021, UNESCO MGIEP named Hanna as a Kindness Ambassador in the #KindnessMatters Global Campaign. She has also been recognized by Forbes magazine, being named as one of Mexico’s 100 most powerful women in both 2019 and 2022.

Jaff has been asked to marry six times in the past and was previously engaged three times before marrying again. Currently, she holds the titles of Her Excellency (Grandee of Spain) and Marchioness of Guadiaro (Spain) from 2023 until now. In addition, she held the title of The Most Honorable (U.K.) from 2020 until 2022.

The family tree of Francisco de Borja Queipo is one of the oldest Spanish houses, dating back to the 1200s. The House of Queipo merged with the House of Borgia in the 18th century through the marriage of descendants, and the lineage comes down through the female line of Princess of Anglona y Esquilache, María Josefa de la Soledad, and her great-grandson Francisco de Borja Queipo de Llano and Gayoso de los Cobos. Since 1840, all of his descendants have the ‘de Borja’ name before Queipo. The living descendants of this line are Excmo. Don Francisco de Borja Queipo de Llano, Count of Toreno, and his son Excmo. Don Francisco de Borja Queipo, Marquess of Guadiaro. The House of Queipo has many other fascinating family lines.

Hanna Jaff’s lineage is equally ancient, tracing back to the Jaff tribe, a noble family that dates back to the early 1100s.



Hanna Jaff y Borja
Hanna Jaff y Borja Queipo boda Hanna Jaff y Borja Queipo de Llano
Hanna Jaff y Francisco de Borja Queipo Hanna y Borja
Hanna Jaff wedding Hanna Jaff boda 2023 Hanna Jaff boda

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