History influencer Tani Berlo fuses fashion, beauty, and history

Tani Berlo has carved out a name in the social media business by fusing some of the most compelling events from the past with the ultimate beauty tips and fashion styles that seek to level up young audiences’ appreciation of history.

Tani Berlo, a leading history influencer who shares educational content with an engaged audience, makes waves globally by fusing fashion, beauty, and history to teach younger audiences about the ancients.

On her channel, Tani Berlo talks about interesting and less-known historical finds and facts while at the same time sharing archeological news. She also likes to integrate this with her work life, family life, and love for fashion and beauty.

Whether young audiences have a fascination for historical figures, old-age documents, and records, or a specific period such as the Renaissance, Tani Berlo takes educational content a step further. 

In a recent video upload, for example, Tani Berlo talked about Alexander the Great, a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon who succeeded his father at the age of 20 and spent a significant part of his ruling years conducting a lengthy military campaign throughout Western Asia and Egypt.

Tani talks about why Alexander the Great is her “celebrity crush” while discussing how the young ruler changed the course of history.

“Did I mention Alexander the Great is my celebrity crush? Maybe just once or twice, or 76 times? Someone needs to write fan fiction about the 13 days with the queen of the caucus tribe, you know, for the people,” Tani quips in a post.

For those who like history, archeology, and even the weird and wacky sides of history that they don’t typically hear about, Tani Berlo brings the ultimate scoops about this stuff. 

The leading history influencer merges these subjects with beauty tips and fashion styles, making them more attractive to millennials and the Gen Z audience looking to learn more about historical locations, enchanting places, and the world’s most memorable periods.

Those who wish to learn more about history fused with beauty and fashion may follow Tani Berlo on her Tiktok channel via @taniberlo as well as her other social media platforms. 

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